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The GOP’s tax reform plan has provoked seething outrage across America. Over half of the population opposes the bill, which will cut their taxes and allow them to keep more of their own money. Indeed, 80% of Americans will be getting a tax break. The middle class will be getting a tax break. Even the poor, who pay no income taxes, will get an additional break in the form of expanded tax credits. Almost everyone makes out pretty well here. But a lot of them are still upset.

Very upset, in fact. Protesters stormed the Senate last night and pleaded with Republicans not to “kill” them. Rosie O’Donnell was so distraught about tax cuts for the working class that she openly bribed Republican politicians to vote against it, committing a felony in the process. The Left is treating this like the apocalypse. The only problem is that they treat everything like the apocalypse. A country can only go through so many apocalypses in a year.

But the outrage here is even more unnecessary than usual. Keep in mind: the Republicans have merely lowered the amount of taxes you have to pay. They’ve slightly adjusted the mandatory minimum, that’s all. You’re still free to pay as much as you want. Anyone who thinks the government needs more money is welcome to give the government more money. I assure you, the IRS will not turn down any gift you feel compelled to send them.

I’m not exactly sure what process you need to follow in order to pay a voluntary, self-imposed tax (I’ve never considered taking this step myself, so I haven’t researched it), but I’m sure if you called the IRS and explained your dilemma, they’d be very happy to help. I imagine you could just write a check for whatever amount, make it out to the U.S. Department of Treasury, and perhaps include a letter of explanation. Maybe put the check in a Christmas card and write a little note like:

Dear Uncle Sam, I’ve been thinking of you this holiday season. I know you already collect about 3 trillion dollars in taxes every year, but I’m worried that you won’t be able to subsist on such a meager income. I hope the enclosed check will prove useful. Buy yourself something nice, sweetie! You’ve earned it! I love you so much!

Merry Christmas,

Your Loyal Subject.

That’s just a suggestion. Feel free to add your own touch. Or forget about the note and simply send the check. Handle it however you want, but just send them your check. Stop complaining about lower taxes and give the government whatever amount you think it should be taking from you. Show some initiative.

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