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A new CDC report claims that one in five kids have a mental disorder. That’s right, 20 percent of the children in this country are psychologically diseased, so says the government. And on a totally unrelated note, the proliferation of the juvenile “mental disorder epidemic” has lead to billions of dollars for the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies, and the American Psychiatric Association. As it happens, they are also the institutions who seem to always be discovering these mysterious and invisible epidemics. So every time they scream “YOUR KIDS ARE CRAZY”, they make another billion. Conflict of interest, anyone?

I’m really getting sick of these child abusing quacks and their never ending quest to forcibly impose their ideas of normalcy on me and my family. In my life I’ve been blessed to know many people who are, without a doubt, intellectually adept, highly creative, and very gifted. Every single one of them either have been, or could be, diagnosed with any number of “mental disorders.” And that’s not a damn coincidence. Brilliant people think divergently, they have a different way of formulating and processing their thoughts and communicating those thoughts to the world. And whatever goes on in that beautiful head, what it eventually produces is almost always enlightening and exciting. Smart, creative people don’t fit into any sort of preordained mental “order.” They just don’t. It truly saddens me to think of all the geniuses we have drugged into submission by the age of 7. There is an idea out there that claims all children are born geniuses, until our society ruins their inherent mental power through rigid educational systems and dangerous psychotropic medication. I think there’s a lot of truth to this. The human mind is capable of incredible, miraculous things, if only we can unlock its potential. Instead, we do the exact opposite. We strap a straight jacket on it and throw it in a padded room, afraid of what it might do if we allow it to run free.

The only thing worse than trying to control WHAT people think, is trying to control HOW they think. In this country, we do both. And then we have the freaking nerve to claim we value “diversity” and “freedom.” We do EVERYTHING in our power to ERADICATE diversity of thought and freedom of thought, even resorting to fabricating mental disorder epidemics to give us an excuse to commit chemical genocides of entire personality types.

We can’t have it both ways. We either want children to fit into our reductive, simplistic, constraining mold so that they will sit still and follow the program, OR we want them, first and foremost, to be creative, smart, passionate, curious, and inquisitive. One must come at the expense of the other, there is no way around it. People who choose the former do so for their OWN convenience and benefit, and that is the real crime.

I hate what we do to children in this country. I hate how scared we are of different ideas and how incapable we are of appreciating the beauty and power of a creative, unrestrained mind. I hate it with a passion. But maybe that’s just because I have a mental disorder.