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Yeah, I’m not happy that the government illegally tapped the phone records of the Associated Press. It’s yet another clear violation of essential civil liberties. But, sorry media, I can’t really take you seriously when you’re all of the sudden so outraged by this particular unconstitutional act.

You guys remind me of a woman who sleeps with a married man, breaks up the marriage, then is heartbroken 6 months later when he cheats on her, too. The dude was a liar and a cheat and you knew it, lady, yet you got what you wanted out of his sins. You were not better than him then, and you’re no better now. So excuse me while I struggle to feel much sympathy for you when your lover turns out to be exactly who you wanted him to be last year.

Same goes for the media and this administration. You fools have been covering for these tyrants for years, not saying a word while they stuffed the Bill of Rights into a paper shredder. Now, after you’ve been an accomplice for so long, you want to turn snitch because your leader sold you out? Fine. But you deserve to feel violated and betrayed. Next time, do your jobs, and maybe this sort of thing won’t happen.