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Many of the most prominent black race hustlers in America — Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan — are rabid anti-Semites. They hate Jews almost as much as they hate Republicans (two distinctly different groups). I think I understand why.

Now, before I explain why race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson despise the Jewish people, let’s back track for just a moment. Bill O’Reilly, whose show I’ve never watched in full, apparently delivered a monologue a few days ago where he insisted that the problems in black America largely come from within. The leaders of that community, he said, must encourage responsible behavior, education, sturdy families and more wholesome entertain if they really wish to find answers and solutions. His completely rational comments have been met with the usual derision and contempt from the usual contemptible and derisive liberal fools. Meanwhile, those of us with a half a brain, however we feel about O’Reilly, recognize that he was nonetheless one hundred percent correct. In fact, to take any other position than the one he articulated would be to imply that blacks aren’t capable of taking charge of their own lives. It would be to paint black men and women as helpless and immature. This insinuation is at once demeaning, degrading, offensive, and entirely false. Liberals love to play the White Savior to the Persecuted Black Population, and they’ll belittle an entire race just to give themselves that opportunity.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the horrifying statistics about crime, gangs, drug addiction, fatherless homes, drop out rates, etc. in the black community can be explained by the fact that they were persecuted in this nation for many years. Maybe there is a thing called “White Privilege”. Maybe the deck is stacked against ethnic minorities in the US and they couldn’t possibly be expected to thrive under these conditions. Maybe there just isn’t any way for a put-upon minority group to lift itself out of the slums and into prosperity.


Maybe I’d believe that if it weren’t for the Jews. This is why Sharpton loathes them. They completely dismantle his entire narrative. After all, if you’re going to blame past persecution for the failures of a certain group, you’re going to need all groups to cooperate. You can’t have any of them overcome and succeed in the face of unfathomable obstacles. And if they do, your only choice is to hate them for being so damned inconvenient.

Can you name a more historically persecuted group than Jews? You’ll be hard pressed to come up with one. The Holocaust was a recent atrocity and it wiped out a full sixty percent of the Jewish population. The ones that escaped fled to various corners of the Earth where they invariably met further oppression and prejudice. Can any thinking person claim the Jews have had it easy? An extermination on the scale of Hitler’s Holocaust would be enough to set any group back centuries. Jews could still be tattered, broken and in disarray, and who could blame them? They could be living on government handouts and blaming the world for their lot in life, and who could blame them? But they chose a different route. Jews in this country make up 2 percent of the overall population, yet 14 percent of the doctor and surgeon population. 20 percent of the people with law degrees in America are Jewish. The median income for Jewish households is almost 30 percent higher than the national average. Nobody handed them this. They didn’t get here through quotas and government programs. The most “offensive” stereotype for Jews in America is that they “control the media and the banks,” which is partly true, but I fail to see it as a slight against them. They are one of the smallest and historically most persecuted minorities, yet they are also one of the most powerful. In Sharpton’s World, that shouldn’t be possible.

I suppose the race hustler will respond that a Jew is still “white,” and therefore his success and his triumphs over profound adversity must be understood within the context of “white privilege.” Maybe I’d believe that if it weren’t for the Asians. The Asian people have not walked an easy path, in this country or outside of it. They usually come here from destitute poverty. They are not handed anything. They are not immune from prejudice and discrimination. They are not white. Yet Asians make up 5 percent of the overall population and 17 percent of doctors and surgeons. They account for 18 percent of Ivy League school admissions. Asians own 1.5 million businesses. The most “offensive” Asian stereotype is that they get good grades and can’t drive. The latter might be accurate in some cases, the former seems to hold true every time. It’s remarkable. Uncanny. Incredible. Japanese Americans were being carted off to internment camps a few decades ago, now they’re running hospitals. Even after the camps were closed, do you think Asian Americans were generally accepted and celebrated in post-WW2 America? Something tells me employers weren’t necessarily itching to go out and hire folks from the Orient. Talk to any young Asian man or woman. More than likely, their parents or grandparents came off the boat from their home country. Ask them how much money their family had when it arrived on our shores. I bet the answer will be somewhere between nothing and nada. And look at them now.

So how do we explain this disparity? Jews and Asians are only 7 percent of the total population, and between them they dominate in fields like medicine and engineering, not to mention entrepreneurship and academics. They rarely end up in prison or gangs (this is especially true of Jews). And while they are historically poor and persecuted, they have not allowed themselves to stay in that position. Take their story and compare it to black Americans and how can we explain the canyon that separates them? I’m sure the Jesse Jacksons of the world would sooner become Holocaust deniers than admit to the real answer: Family. Education. Ambition.




Whenever the plight of the minority in America is discussed, you’ll notice that Jews and Asians are left out of the conversation. In fact, many school systems are now trying to figure out how to get LESS of them in advanced placement courses and prestigious colleges. They’ve become too successful, apparently. But it’s not just their success that the race mongers hate, it’s HOW they accomplished it. Their men don’t father dozens of out-of-wedlock babies with dozens of women. Their households insist on discipline and academic success. They work hard, they are driven. Asians may now be at the point where they actually enjoy preferential bias. If I’m an employer and an Asian walks in to apply for a job, I’m going to assume he’s an achiever. That’s not a stereotype, that’s called a reputation. And they’ve freaking earned it.

Family. Education. Ambition. These three things really are a recipe for success. If you don’t believe me, ask the next Asian or Jew you meet. And then make sure to take care of your co-pay on the way out.

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