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This is something every American should be watching closely.

On Wednesday, three whistleblowers will testify in front of Congress about the lies, the conspiracy, and the coverup on the part of the Obama Administration, after the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. I’ll be interested in their testimony, as will all Americans who aren’t shameless, self defiling cheerleaders for the corrupt, deceitful politician who currently occupies the White House.

That said, we already know enough to start impeachment proceedings. After all, anyone who has their head positioned somewhere other than in the sand or up their own rear, is already quite aware of the following facts:

Our consulate in Libya was attacked, and our ambassador was assassinated, during a sophisticated and well coordinated siege which lasted for several hours on the night of September 11, 2012. The decision was made by the administration to NOT send forces to save the lives of our diplomat and two Navy SEALS. Instead, Hillary Clinton, and other high ranking personnel, immediately began twisting and politicizing the attack, while deliberately covering up and lying about what really happened. The President, the Secretary of State, and their surrogates, spread the utterly false, absurd, and egregiously illogical narrative that the whole incident was a “protest”, sparked by an obscure, little-seen Internet video. This was a calculated deceit, and there’s just no getting around that. There was intelligence, not just after the attack but BEFORE it as well, that the consulate was a terrorist target. No sane individual thought for even a second that the prolonged, carefully plotted assassination of an American ambassador was simply the result of a spontaneous political demonstration.

Help was not sent. Lies were told. A coverup occurred. And people on the inside were intimidated into silence. Until now.

But that’s not even close to the end of this saga. Actually, I think it’s the beginning that we’re missing. Ambassador Stevens was not the victim of a YouTube protest, but he also, likely, wasn’t the victim of a random terrorist attack either. There was nothing random about it. He was probably in Libya serving as a liaison to the Al Qaeda affiliated militants who overthrew Gadaffi. Just as we did in Egypt, and just as we’re doing in Syria, we armed and funded the terrorists to help them overthrow their government. Stevens was, according to reports and according to the logical conclusions of anyone who’s been paying attention, involved in this operation. When the Libyan regime fell, we were left with a whole bunch of Muslim fundamentalists, toting a whole bunch of guns that we gave them. The next step on the Obama agenda was to get a whole bunch more guns into the hands of a whole bunch more terrorists, this time in Syria. Brilliant strategy, especially coming from Mr. Anti-Gun President himself.

Five days before the Benghazi attack, a ship carrying thousands of weapons docked in a Turkish port. The weapons were marked for the radical elements in Syria that we are currently arming and subsidizing. These guns were probably part of a weapons transfer — an effort to get the guns away from the Libyan radicals we just armed, and into the hands of the Syrian rebels.

So what does this mean? I don’t know. But I do know that these little details should at least enter into the conversation whenever Benghazi is the subject. It’s an absolute fact that our government has armed thousands of terrorists and funded at least three militant rebellions in that region. It seems rather probable that this tactic has literally blown up in our face, and our ambassador died because of it. That would explain the volcano of lies and deceit that has erupted from the reckless fools who concocted this whole disastrous plan in the first place.

And in spite of all of this, the White House tells us we shouldn’t worry about it because this all happened “a long time ago”. And Hillary Clinton, apparently, is exonerated because a panel commissioned by Hillary Clinton found Hillary Clinton to be totally innocent of any wrongdoing.

These people are liars. And they don’t even have enough respect for us to tell believable lies.