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Here’s a fun riddle for you: What do gangbangers, drug addicts, drunks, strippers, pimps, mass bombers and Democrats (but I repeat myself), have in common?

That’s right, they all love welfare.

Here’s another riddle for you: Guess who helped finance at least one of the Boston bombers while he learned how to blow people up?

That’s right, you did. Because of welfare.

The news today is that the older Bomber brother was on “tax payer assistance”, which likely means he was getting his rent, food and health care paid for, up until 2012. Yes, if you’re running through the timeline in your head, the FBI flagged the guy as a potential terrorist in 2011. But he still stayed on the dole for another year. “Hey there, Islamic radical, we think you might be planning to kill us but, in the mean time, here’s an EBT card! Enjoy!” Oh yeah, and he was accused of beating his wife, his wife was accused of shop lifting, all while him and his brother were turning kitchen appliances into explosive devices. But, hey, just another day at the Welfare Office, am I right?

I know the Socialist apologists will tell us that this one case should not be seen as an indictment on the entire entitlement system. Except that, actually, it should be. And it is. In fact, every time some abusive, violent, predatorial scumbag gets a free check in the mail, it’s an indictment on the whole damn system. And anytime some physically capable individual with a smart phone, cable, a flat screen TV and too much time on his hands gets to enjoy a meal on the taxpayer’s dime, it’s an indictment on the whole system. And anytime you make a sacrifice that we don’t require welfare recipients to make, it’s an indictment on the system. And anytime someone on entitlements has the unbelievable audacity to complain when this subject is brought up, it’s an indictment on the system.

So that’s a lot of indictments, as you know.

The welfare system is a sick joke. I will seize on any opportunity to highlight this reality.