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People are criticizing Obama today because he forced a Marine to stand there in Dress Blues and hold his umbrella for him during a press conference.

I’ve heard Obama supporters react with exasperation at the criticism. “Give the guy a break”, they insist. Well, look, I’d love to, but can the guy take a break from being an elitist snob? Seriously, can he take like 2 or 3 hours off? Can he be a normal human being for even a small period of time? You’re out there to answer questions about corruption, treachery and deception, and you decide it would be wise to do so while you use a Marine like your own personal butler? What’s next? Are you going to have Navy SEALS fly in to shine your shoes? Does an Army Ranger fluff your pillow for you every night? I mean, seriously dude, you can’t just hold your own damn umbrella? NOBODY in Obama’s circle stopped him before he went out there and said “Hey, Mr. President, there’s sort of this impression everyone has that you’re an aloof, petty, arrogant despot, so maybe now’s the exactly wrong time to publicly utilize a member of the armed forces as your servant.” Of course they didn’t say that. He surrounds himself with cowardly sycophants because he’s a thin skinned oligarch.

There is no amount of criticism that is inappropriate. He’s just horrible. There’s nothing to like. Really, I looked, I can’t find one single positive trait. He is the physical manifestation of everything that is wrong with American politics. So is it petty to go after the guy for forcing a Marine to hold his umbrella so he didn’t get moist during a press conference? Perhaps. But forcing a Marine to hold your umbrella so you don’t get most during a press conference is even pettier. Maybe if he’d just be a man for a change, we wouldn’t get to this point.