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This week in our Public Indoctrination Facilities:

-A dad in Florida found a crinkled piece of paper in his 4th grade son’s backpack. On it, in crayon, his son had written: “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.” Turns out a lawyer came to his child’s class to give a lecture about the constitution. After which the teacher instructed them to write that sentence down. I hear next week she’s planning a follow up lesson: “Being Cowardly is Fun!” Remember kids, if you see anyone using freedom make sure to run and report it to the nearest government employee. Liberty is dangerous! Never pick it up or attempt to handle it yourself!

-An 8th grader in Wisconsin brought home a vocabulary crossword puzzle assignment. The worksheet taught the kids about different political terms. These terms had some interesting definitions. “Conservatism: …Restricting personal freedoms.” “Liberalism: …Equality and personal freedom for everyone.” This I actually agree with. That is, if we’re defining “equality” as “government social engineering” and “personal freedom” as “the privilege to sacrifice your freedom for the sake of obtaining your neighbor’s property through an elaborate State-run confiscation scheme”.

So now I could tell you that these things are outrageous. I could lament that our education system has become a propaganda arm for the State. I could say that even if you, for some reason, agree with the opinions espoused, any honest person would admit that only a petty tyrant would use his or her academic authority to impose their irrelevant personal views on unsuspecting students who are there for objective information, not a left wing homily.

I could say all of that. And I’d be speaking the truth if I did. But, frankly, I’m done complaining about the Marxist boot camp that used to be our education system. Instead I’d rather plot to overthrow it. Parents: Please, teach your kids to speak up. Teach them to fight back. Teach them to ask questions. I know it might be a lot to expect, especially of kids in elementary school, but if you’re sending them to government facilities you must prepare them for the onslaught of lies and misinformation they will have to endure. Teach them the truth and if their teacher is a bully and a coward who intends to manipulate young minds rather than enlighten them, teach your child to say something. Sure, they should respect adults. But we don’t live in imperial Japan. It’s more important for them to thirst for truth and have the guts and ability to defend it. And, yes, they will be punished for it. Their grades will suffer if they challenge the propaganda. There will be retaliation. But if a “good grade” only reflects your kid’s ability to sit silently and regurgitate lies — then your kid shouldn’t be getting good grades. Look around you. We are producing a whole lot of weak willed, ignorant, unquestioning, shallow minded, spineless pop culture zombies. And I bet a lot of them got fantastic grades in school. I’m not saying grades aren’t important. I’m saying they are ONLY important when they reflect a person’s understanding of the truth. Unfortunately, they sometimes reflect the opposite.

Stop judging your child solely on his “Report Card”. He should be reporting to you about his life in school everyday. And if his report includes something like, “Hey, today we learned that we should sacrifice our constitutional freedoms for safety”, you should purge him of that insidious lie. Arm him with the truth and encourage him to wield it next time the conversation comes up. If he says, “But I’ll get a bad grade if I do that”, then tell him, in that case, you’ll be angry if he doesn’t come home with an ‘F’.

College students: No excuses. You are adults. You are grown men and women. I’d flip a desk and scream before I’d sit and listen to some washed up hippy lecture me about the glories of oppression. If your professor is going on some ridiculous Socialist tirade, stand the hell up and argue with him. You’re afraid of repercussions?Yeah, I’ve got news for you: That’s why every good person in the history of the world has refrained from doing the right thing. There’s always going to be repercussions. And when you get into the real world, the repercussions will be a lot more serious than getting kicked out of class. So if you won’t stand now, when will you?