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Well that didn’t take long. Literally within minutes of the tornado hitting Oklahoma, the usual suspects had begun tying it to global warming, thus essentially blaming the tornado on their political opponents. Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, for example, explicitly accused Republicans of causing the tornado by obstructing efforts to solve man made global warming. Seriously. We are now charging our ideological opponents with creating tornadoes. This isn’t just stupid, it’s primitive. These Neanderthals might as well blame the next earthquake on a Republican witch doctor.

Here are some facts for you, not that these types of people really care much for facts. Prior to this tornado we were setting records in this country for a LACK of tornadic activity. Is that global warming also? So if there are no tornadoes, it’s global warming. If there are lots of tornadoes, it’s global warming. If there are small tornadoes, it’s global warming. If there are big tornadoes, it’s global warming. Is that the way it works? Essentially, anything that happens is because of global warming because global warming causes everything that happens? Why don’t you clowns look up “circular logic” in the dictionary? Actually, first look up “tornado” in the dictionary, because you obviously have zero understanding of this particular weather phenomenon.

Tornadoes aren’t caused by tropical heat. In fact, tropical climates hardly ever see tornadoes. Why is that? Because tornadoes need something called “wind shear.” I’m not a meteorologist but even I know this. These wind shears develop when warm and cool air collide. Other factors must be present, like low level humidity, but it’s the contrasting cool and warm air that is essential to bringing about tornadoes. So what does this mean? It means unusually and unseasonably cool air in the Midwest is the key to tornado formation. That’s probably why they pointed to global COOLING when the country was plagued with an outbreak of tornadoes in 1974-1975.

Plus, you know, it’s OKLAHOMA. Are we really struggling to explain a tornado in Oklahoma? Not surprising, I suppose, as these are the same folks who scramble to solve the “mystery” every time a hurricane pounds the Gulf Coast. See, global warming alarmists, this is why nobody listens to you. You don’t know anything. You’re blatantly and embarrassingly uninformed. You shout “SCIENCE!” and then you summarily display a startling absence of even the most basic scientific understanding of the most basic climatological events. Not to mention, you never hesitate to stand on the fresh rubble of shattered lives to preach your mythological orthodoxy. Dumb AND evil. That’s a hell of a combo.