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There’s been a lot of discussion of the word “treason” recently. OK then, let’s talk about treason. Actually, quite conveniently, this is the one crime that is specifically described in the US Constitution, so there should be no confusion about its definition. Article 3 states: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

Adhering to our enemies. Giving them AID and comfort. That is treason. So I speak without hyperbole or exaggeration when I say Barack Obama is a traitor. He is a traitor not just in the moral and philosophical sense, but in the literal legal sense as well. Yesterday he announced that we will be giving military support to the “Syrian rebels.” This is an act of treason. Yes, admittedly, we have been giving these thugs and rapists military support for some time, but now the policy becomes official. He has declared that an arbitrary “line” has been crossed by the Syrian government and now we must get involved. It’s not clear what this involvement will entail. We know it means weapons and money and a No Fly Zone enforced by the US military, but it’s unclear how far beyond that we will go.

I need you to understand what is happening here. It’s not OK to be ignorant on this issue. Our government is actively and openly endorsing, supporting and arming terrorists and that should freaking concern you. Sure, the dictator they’re fighting against isn’t the nicest dude — Middle Eastern despots rarely are. But these people are NOT fighting for freedom and democracy. They are engaged in a Jihad to establish a brutal regime governed by Sharia law. The United Nation’s own reports indicate very clearly that these rebels have absolutely no interest in democracy; that entire narrative is an absurd lie. Not surprising, considering the guy at the White House who’s behind the Syria propaganda is the same guy who was instrumental in the Benghazi cover up. His name is Ben Rhodes and he has a master’s degree in fiction-writing. Seriously. I’m not kidding. The big national security advisor at the White House is specifically educated in how to make up stories.

So when Obama claims these rebels just want “freedom” and “equality,” I have to wonder what sort of freedom and equality he means. Is it freedom, like when Syrian rebels invade Christian towns and massacre everyone including women and children? That kind of freedom?Or the sort of freedom instilled when they burn entire Shia villages to the ground and murder all of the inhabitants? Or is it the sort of equality evidenced by a rebel leader declaring it a “legitimate fatwa” to rape and kill non-Sunni and non-Muslim women? Or perhaps the sort of equality we saw when a Syrian rebel cut out a man’s heart and ate it on camera? Maybe this is the freedom we see when they behead a Christian cab driver and feed him to the dogs because he insulted the rebel cause? Or could it be the equality demonstrated when Syrian rebels executed a 14 year old child for insulting Islam? And what about this democracy we hear about? So Al Qaeda loves democracy now? They must, considering many of these rebels have publicly pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda. So now that we are funding and arming Al Qaeda (again), does that mean we’re friends? Could I give a gun and a few bucks to an Al Qaeda operative, or is that something that only government employees are allowed to do? John McCain went to Syria and held hands with these terrorists, then came home and insisted that we give them guns and money. Do you know what that’s called? That’s called being a propagandists for Al Qaeda. Anwar Al Alawki was a propagandist for Al Qaeda and we sent a drone to kill him and his family. Our politicians are doing things that they will literally murder us for doing.

It is beyond infuriating to think that we will now be putting more US military men and women in a position where they may DIE in service to Al Qaeda mass murderers and child killers. I know we’ve gotten into the habit of ignoring what the US government does overseas, but it’s time to WAKE THE HELL UP. We are arming, funding and fighting for a group of Muslim militants who rape women, massacre Christians, cannibalize corpses, execute children, and terrorize innocents. And why? All to help them establish SHARIAH LAW in Syria. Are we stupid enough to let this slide? Again?