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This is one of those times when I’m asking you to share something. Share it because everyone needs to see it, confront it, deal with it. Mass media would like to hide this because they are agents for a political agenda — a political agenda that doesn’t include giving a damn about children. But you and I need to be human beings, we need to get past politics and give these murdered children the attention they deserve.

Kermit Gosnell is the abortion clinic “doctor” on trial for killing seven infants who were born alive. He’s also accused of being directly responsible for the death of at least one woman who came to him for his “services”. He took infants — live, breathing, moving infants — and he held them in his hand and he cut their heads off with scissors. He kept their dead bodies in freezers and their limbs in jars. He laughed and joked as he severed the spinal chords of these children. Workers at the clinic say that it “rained blood” and that the bodies of dead babies were scattered throughout the building like debris. He made millions doing this. He slaughtered babies and he made millions.

And the charges against him are just the tip of this hellish iceberg. This revolting demon operated his House of Death for thirty years so it’s no surprise to hear witnesses report that he likely murdered over 100 babies. ONE HUNDRED. That’s the Sandy Hook massacre — FOUR TIMES. That makes him one of the worst serial killers in history.

Yet the media have blacked it out. Completely, in some cases. The major network news programs have given his trial ZERO seconds of coverage in the last three months. The story has been buried by cable news and dismissed in print media. They gave headline coverage to a college coach who threw basketballs at his players and used homophobic slurs. They spent hours discussing Jay Z’s recent trip to Cuba. And, worst of all, these frauds and hypocrites have feigned outrage over many mass killings, while not even mustering a whisper about the worst slaughter of them all. If Gosnell had used a semi automatic rifle instead of scissors to commit his crimes, would the president suddenly care? If he had called them politically incorrect names rather than murdering them in cold blood, would millions of people on social media suddenly see fit to speak up?

I will write about this trial every week and talk about it consistently. I refuse to accept that we live in a society full of people who are too cowardly to scream out loudly when innocent infant children are massacred. If that is what we are, we are doomed. We’re already dead. Why argue about anything else?

Please talk about this. He butchered babies. Likely over 100. Well over 100. It’s time to stop ignoring it. God will judge all of us who remain silent.