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According to the CDC, about 110 million people have STDs in this country. That’s, like, almost everybody. Well, it’s a third of us, anyway.

Many people have asked how this has happened. Of course the usual suspects have cooked up some bright ideas: “We have to start mandating government sex ed classes at an even YOUNGER age! That’ll solve it!” “Yeah! And then we should get the postal service to deliver free condoms to every house in America on a weekly basis!”

But, personally, I’m thinking the root cause might have something to do with the hyper-sexualization of our culture and our kids. I mean, I could just be totally old fashioned or even slightly insane, but it seems that many parents do stupid things like, for instance, buying bikinis and makeup for their 9 year old daughters, which is the same as saying, “Hey little Sally, put this on and go out into the world so that dirty old creeps can objectify you.” And then these same types allow their 11 year old sons to have Internet access in their bedrooms, which is the same as saying, “Hey junior, please lock yourself in your room and soak into your vulnerable psyche the most horrendous images of debasement and debauchery known to mankind.” I know, I get it, I’m basically Amish because I don’t think children should look at porn or dress like hookers. I’m just saying, maybe we, as a culture, should let the tikes get through their formative years before we turn them into self hating perverts. A lot to ask, I know, considering our entertainment, media, and political industries are all run by sex predators, but it’s something to consider