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I want to apologize to you. I was wrong about something. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last, but I should still acknowledge my mistakes. It has to do with some of the things I’ve said about the trial of Kermit Gosnell. Early on, I insisted that the president and other pro-choice politicians come out and publicly condemn this man, who murdered hundreds of infants outside of the womb by stabbing them in the neck or drowning them in toilets. I said that these leaders of our nation should make it clear that they abhor the systematic slaughter of babies, and they are repulsed by every aspect of Gosnell’s crimes. The unsterilized equipment, the women whose deaths he directly caused, the dead babies thrown in trash cans, the lethal doses of drugs administered by untrained and underage staff, the serial murder, all of it. In the last few weeks, while Obama has still refused to take a stand on it, some other pro-abortion politicians, although hindering any effort to better monitor abortion clinics, have offered some words of disapproval. Nancy Pelosi even called the charges “disgusting”.

And that’s where I was wrong. It is a lie for an avid “pro-choicer” to pretend they are repulsed by Gosnell’s actions. It’s an offensive and ridiculous lie for politicians who have blocked any and all attempts to limit abortion in any way, or to oversee the practices of abortionists in any way, to come out and act dismayed at actions which they have deliberately protected and defended. In many states, Pennsylvania being one of them, an abortion doctor gets less oversight than a dentist or a dermatologist. There’s a reason for this. Kermit Gosnell is the reason. So I was wrong to ask these people to lie. I was wrong to, albeit unintentionally, perpetuate the myth that there is any significant difference between Gosnell’s “medical practices” and that of any other abortionist. You can not condemn him and support abortion at the same time. Pro-choicers, this man is yours. He is your creation, he is a loyal practitioner of your sacrament. You can not separate yourself from him.

Gosnell simply didn’t dress abortion up in a pretty dress and take it to a banquet with the president. It is death, and he knew it. He is a contract killer, he isn’t paid to be friendly. Abortion is the violent killing of life, who cares if you do it in a clinic with stains on the wall or not? What does it matter if you butcher the child outside the womb or inside it? What difference does it make whether you throw the child’s body in a trash can or in a HAZMAT dumpster out back? The latter may be more palatable, but it does not, by even one iota, change the principle. You can not celebrate one and decry the other. Or you can, but you are lying. And you know it.

Gosnell has been an integral part of the pro-abortion movement from its inception. He was a failure in the medical field and unable to make a living as a real doctor, so instead he started doing abortions. Once he got a taste of the money to be made, he became an “activist”. Forty one years ago, on Mother’s Day, he bussed a bunch of pregnant women in their second trimester from Chicago to his clinic in Philly. There, along with a few other “doctors”, he conducted a mass abortion. The real purpose, which he didn’t tell the women, was to use them as guinea pigs for a new abortion contraption. It was a coil that he inserted into their uterus. Once it heated it would spring open and shred the baby. Of course this also resulted in serious injury to the patients, leaving at least one in need of a hysterectomy. This was human experimentation like something from a Nazi concentration camp, and the man didn’t even lose his license because of it. The point is, Gosnell has been an evil, violent man for over forty years. And up until about four years ago, he was celebrated on the left, the same as any other abortionist.

So let them keep celebrating him. He is theirs. You wouldn’t take a pimp seriously if he condemned adultery, you wouldn’t take a slave owner seriously if he spoke out against kidnapping, so why take a rabid pro-choicer seriously when they arbitrarily distance themselves from one of their own, after forty years of protecting and defending him, and people just like him? I hope Gosnell is convicted and spends the rest of his short, miserable, awful life in a cage. But, the truth is, this trial is a sham. It’s not illegal to kill babies in this country, it’s just the way he did it that makes it unacceptable to us. It’s like when a man kills a pregnant woman and is charged with double murder. Yes, I know he is guilty of killing two people. Except, in our perverted culture and under our despicable laws, a baby isn’t a person. It’s property. The guy should be charged with one count of murder and one count of property damage. Killing an unborn child makes you a vandal, not a murderer.

Maybe if the principle was consistently applied, people might wake up and see the principle for the atrocity that it is.