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Here’s my impression of what happens any time a coherent person states an opinion on Facebook:

Coherent Person: The government is too big and it is involved in too many things. Here are my ideas about a few facets of society that shouldn’t be controlled by the state: [47 well-researched, intelligently articulated sentences]

Random Fool: So you think the government should NEVER do ANYTHING EVER at all for any reason????


Coherent Person: I believe we should abolish the income tax. Here are the benefits of this proposal, along with a few thoughts on how it could be reasonably implemented: [1027 word essay, supported by statistical and historical information]

Random Fool: You don’t think there should be ANY taxes of ANY kind at all and there should be no ROADS????


Coherent Person: I like cows.

Random Fool: So you HATE horses and want to turn them all into glue????


Coherent Person: The sky is blue.

Random Fool: So you don’t think anything ELSE is blue??? Ocean hater!!


Coherent Person: I exist.

Random Fool: So you’re saying the rest of us DON’T exist????

Internet lesson #1– Every statement you make will turn into an argument.

Internet lesson #2 — The argument will have nothing to do with the statement you actually made.