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I feel like I’m caught in a time warp where every day I wake up and it’s the same day all over again. Kind of like the Bill Murray movie, but with less enchantment, and with no groundhogs in sight, tragically. So this week Indiana passed a religious freedom bill that affirms a private individual’s business owner’s right to decide who they associate with and how they associate with them. This is partly a religious freedom thing, but it’s primarily just a matter of basic private property rights. It’s also terrain that’s already been rather explicitly covered in the First Amendment. It just shows you where we are in this country that states need to go back and write laws that basically say, “Hey, remember the First Amendment? Yeah, that’s still a thing.”

But it’s the same day all over again, so gay rights activists have predictably responded by staging boycotts and hurling attacks against Republicans, Christians, business owners, and the entire state of Indiana. They claim the First Amendment and private property rights, if affirmed, will amount to “discrimination” against gays.

And, you know what? They’re right.

See, I’m tired of trying to sell these religious freedom bills based on the notion that a business owner refusing to service a gay wedding isn’t tantamount to discrimination. It is. It definitely is. And that’s definitely OK. Discrimination is not automatically a bad thing. It isn’t inherently evil. It simply means, by definition, that you are making a distinction for or against a person or thing. That’s what it means to discriminate. Synonyms: discern, distinguish, differentiate.

You have the right to discern and differentiate, both as an individual and a private business. It’s simply ridiculous to say that a person has a right to not have another person make a distinction about them or their actions. Nonsense. Complete and total nonsense.

You have no actual God given right to be “free from discrimination” by private individuals. Maybe politicians have invented this right, but it isn’t real. It doesn’t exist. It is NOT in keeping with the doctrine of human rights. I have the right to discern things about you and your activities, and if those discernments hurt your feelings, that doesn’t mean your rights have been infringed. It just means this is America, and we’re adults, and sometimes you have to deal with the fact that not everyone endorses or condones everything you do. Grow up, America. Seriously, grow up.

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