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The president and his minions want us to forget about the embarrassing, bewildering, clumsy, discombobulated, horribly bumblescrewed rollout of Obamacare. Yes, I just invented a word. Bumblescrewed. It’s been so bad that the standard English language fails to capture the enormity of the failure that is Obamacare. Someone contact Webster; I have a new entry. Bumblescrewed: when a bunch of micromanaging bureaucrats stumble into the middle of a complicated issue and immediately make everything a thousand times worse and a trillion times more expensive. There’s a lot of bumblescrewin’ goin’ on these days.

In any case, I knew every criticism of “the Affordable Care Act” would be proven accurate — I just didn’t think it would happen, literally, within the first three minutes of implementation.

How horrendous. How wonderfully appropriate.

Sure, there are many pitfalls to Obama’s health care entitlement program, and a malfunctioning website doesn’t even register in the top 100, but, still, the significance of this can’t be overstated: these fools want to run our health care system, yet they can’t even run a website. Meanwhile, the false narrative that millions of Americans “want” Obamacare has been shot out of the sky for all to see, as most states are reporting paltry enrollment numbers.

But this all comes with the package when the government gets involved. They bring ruination and bankruptcy to the people, and then they try to convince us to be grateful for it. In fact, that sort of propaganda might be the only thing the State does marginally well. So get ready for the Propaganda Machine to kick into overdrive. They’ll stick their “success stories” in front of our faces. They’ll rummage through the wreckage for a few survivors and hold them up as proof that it was all worth it. They’ll lie. Oh, they’ll lie. They’ll tell us about the people who have been “helped” by Obamacare — and some of those stories will be entirely fabricated, while the rest are merely twisted and contorted to fit their agenda. But, of course, they will not make any mention of the millions and millions of Americans who have been victimized by this atrocious boondoggle. People are losing their insurance and their jobs because of skyrocketing premiums and crushing bureaucratic regulations and mandates. Families are facing the prospect of having to dump their coverage because the cost is too high. Business owners are losing employees, employees are losing their jobs.

It’s been a nightmare for so many — and nobody is paying attention to them.

I want to change that. So here’s my request:

Email me your Obamacare horror stories. I’m not talking about problems with the website — I’m talking about real problems. If Obamacare has wreaked havoc on your life, send me an email and tell me your story. Maybe you can’t afford insurance anymore, maybe your hours have been cut, maybe you’re a business owner who’s been forced to cut hours, maybe you’re a doctor struggling to deal with the new web of regulations and policies, maybe you tried to sign up for Obamacare and found poor quality coverage for enormously high prices. Whatever your story, I want to know about it.

Make it as short and succinct as possible, include only your first name and your state of residence, and send it here:

Millions of real people are already paying the price for Obama’s health care power grab, and I think they deserve an audience.

I’m going to publish all of these stories on this blog, and then I’m going to print them all out and mail them to the White House.

Let the liberal blogs do the puff pieces, I’m interested in the real story. So tell it to me.