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“Jesus was FOR taxes. He said “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

“Jesus said we should accept everyone. Conservatives don’t accept people in the LGBT community, women, or immigrants.”

I had to lump these together because they look funny when you compare them. In one breath, you say that Liberals believe in ‘giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s,’ but in the next you start yammering on about immigrants and gays.

In this country, Caesar controls the border, yet you don’t seem too concerned about the illegals who defy him in that regard. Caesar also had laws against gay marriage, but Liberals adamantly asserted that he should have no say over who marries who.

In truth, Liberals do not indiscriminately give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Nor should they. We are allowed to question authority and advocate for changes in our laws. Why should tax law be any different?

Conservatives don’t oppose taxes on principle; just taxes of a certain type and severity. Just as Liberals don’t oppose laws on principle; just laws that protect life, national sovereignty, and the family.

Also, Tim, Jesus never said we should accept everyone. He called us to be holy and to help others be holy. Part of that process is the difficult and painful realization that there are unacceptable parts of us.

Jesus will not accept sin, and neither should we. He saved the adulterer from being stoned to death by, apparently, Tea Partiers, but He didn’t accept what she’d done. He said, “go and sin no more.” Even that sentence alone, if uttered by a pastor to a liberal congregation, would be met with angry jeers.

Jesus was not a liberal.

Lucifer, on the other hand, probably fits the bill.

After all, modern liberalism is nothing if it isn’t the worship of self. It is an ideology that places self fulfillment, pleasure, and convenience above everything. Liberalism bows to no one but its own reflection (and foreign bureaucrats, in the case of Barack Obama). Liberals believe that our personal desires are the ultimate arbiter, which is why life can be destroyed and institutions like marriage twisted and obliterated, all to serve the one god: self.

Satan has said many words, but they can all be summed up by those infamous four. “I will not serve.”

Modern Liberalism — following the lead of its great apostles, from Machiavelli to Marx — elevates the self to the highest position in the universe. Even you, Tim, have perfectly illustrated this by attempting to chain Christ to a dogma that includes, among other things, support for the murder of children. You have tried to make Christ serve you and your worldview.

So those are not His footsteps you are following in the sand, Tim. Those are the footsteps of the one who met Him out in that desert, and rather than bow before His glory, tried to tempt Him and turn Him into a slave.

Satan is a liberal. And so are you.

Maybe it’s time you rethink some things.