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Last week we were treated to a pathetic spectacle when pro-abortion fanatics started the “Men For Choice” campaign. It gave a bunch of men the chance to publicly declare their affinity for abortion.

Of course, I use the word “men” loosely here. The truth is, men who sit on the sidelines and cheer as millions of babies are murdered in the womb are not men. Being a man means fighting injustice and protecting the innocent. Being a man means defending the vulnerable, especially children. Especially your own children. And being a man means not abandoning women to the lifetime of guilt and regret that abortion will bring them. Being a man means stepping up and standing firm in the face of evil. Men who call themselves “pro-choice” have not fulfilled any of these obligations, and so I can’t call them men.

Dante said the darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who remain neutral during times of moral crisis. Well I submit that the darkest parts of the darkest places are reserved for men who turn to “stay out of it” while 50 million babies are executed in the womb every year throughout the world.

People say that being a man means we should be disinterested in abortion. I say the truth is exactly the opposite: