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This is what happens.

This is not an aberration.

Two innocent white men viciously murdered by young black males in the span of less than a week.

It’s outrageous, horrifying, tragic, damned infuriating, but it isn’t shocking. It should be shocking, but it isn’t.

I’ll be honest, I’m pissed off. I’m disgusted. I’m sickened to my core. I have no interest in being nice or politically correct about this. If you want that, go somewhere else. I’m too tired for that. I’m tired of the cowards. I’m tired of the liars. I’m tired of the blood thirsty race pimps who do everything in their power to stir up hatred and animosity, and then fade into the night when the poison they spread claims another life. I’m tired of the violence and the chaos, and I’m even more tired of the people who close their eyes and pretend it isn’t happening. It is happening. And, statistically, most of it is at the hands of young black males. Does that upset you? It should. But you should be upset at the PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING IT, not the people who are talking about it.

Chris Lane, the young guy here from Australia on a baseball scholarship, was randomly shot in the back and killed at around 3pm last Friday. Two teenagers, James Edwards and Chauncey Luna, are charged with his murder. A third, Michael Jones, was charged as an accessory after the fact. Edwards and Luna are black, Lane was white. Jones is also white, which was a big relief to the progressive race hustlers who are desperate to keep up the facade that black on white violence is never, ever, ever motivated by racism. These folks will have to be very selective in their reading about this case (or simply stick to liberal media outlets, who will be even more selective in their reporting of the case) because the facts quite clearly prove at least one of the black killers to be a violent bigot. Let’s look at his own words. Here are two recent Tweets from James Edwards:

April 29th: “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

July 15th: “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol shit ima keep sleepin shit! #ayeeee.”

“Wood” is a derogatory term for white people. So, need I point out the obvious? Need I speculate as to the global eruption that would have occurred if someone unearthed Tweets from George Zimmerman with little gems like “black people are nasty” and “knocked out 5 blacks today”? Need I explain how morally corrupt and spineless we are if we refuse to call a black teen “racist,” even after he expresses deep hatred for whites and then goes out and kills one in cold blood? Need I express how unbelievably dishonest and cowardly you are — you, personally — if you perpetuate this “blacks can’t be racist, even if they maim and murder white people” bull crap?

Oh, but never mind. These kids weren’t motivated by anything but “boredom,” we were told at first. Now we find out the “bored” teens were also gang members, and this random act of boredom also happened to be an initiation rite for the Crips. But words like “boredom” and “random” seem to be trotted out pretty frequently in these situations. Keep these terms in mind; they’re apparently police code for “black on white violence.”

An 89 year old WWII veteran was beaten to death in Washington on Wednesday night. He was walking through a parking lot when two black males descended upon him and killed him with their bare hands. Police are calling the attack “random.”

The six black teens who beat an Ohio man to death last year were also “bored,” according to police.

The gang of blacks who assaulted, stripped and robbed a white tourist in Baltimore last St. Patrick’s Day were just behaving “randomly,” which is why no hate crime charges were ever filed.

The Minnesota man who was savagely attacked and beaten to the point of brain damage by a group of young black males, was also, apparently, the victim of something “random,” something probably driven by boredom.

The 13 year old who was doused with gasoline and set on fire by two blacks in Missouri last year must have been the victim of something merely random, even while the assailants made random statements like, “this is what you get, white boy.”

A white guy was walking to his car in a parking lot in Memphis when a group of blacks came out of nowhere and shot him dead. The police are calling it a “failed robbery,” yet the young man was found with his wallet and phone still in his possession. Just another random thing, I guess.

I don’t know if the three black teenagers who brutalized a white child on a school bus in Florida two weeks ago were bored, but the father of one of the assailants told a reporter that, although his son is “sorry,” this is “just the way it is.”

It’s just the way it is.

They were bored.

It was random.

No conclusions can be drawn from any of this, right?

Sorry, wrong. A gang of black kids go after a white guy and we’re supposed to believe that the victim’s whiteness didn’t factor into the equation at all? An elderly white man is brutalized and left for dead by a couple of black men and we’re being asked to believe that such vicious hate and violence was visited upon him merely by chance? A black kid brags about knocking out white people, then goes out and shoots a white man in the back, and we’re expected to believe that he wasn’t targeted for being a member of the exact race that the murderer just publicly admitted to targeting for violence? And yet a half-white guy shoots a black teen who tackled and pummeled him, and THAT was entirely motivated by racism? Oprah makes up a story about poor customer service at a swanky purse shop in Switzerland and the media runs with the “racism” headline without hesitation, meanwhile a black guy can post online that he “hates white people” right before killing a white person, and the “R” Word is never mentioned?

Lord help us. We have descended into unadulterated lunacy.

I started this by saying that the killing of Chris Lane and the murder of the WWII veteran aren’t shocking. I’m not trying to diminish or dismiss the significance of these crimes at all. As I stated, I am horrified, sickened, saddened, enraged. But it isn’t shocking because it is also the clear result of particular and obvious factors — most directly, the actions of three despicable individuals. Yet look only a little deeper and you’ll see that those individuals were influenced by three essential ingredients: 1) A complete lack of parental guidance. 2) The evil and destructive “gangsta” culture perpetuated by rappers and other so-called “leaders” in the black community. 3) Hatred and racial animosity planted into the public conscience by certain very bad and very influential men and women.

70 percent of black fathers abandon their kids. The music industry stylizes and glorifies thuggishness and gangsterism. The President of the United States tells blacks that they are the victims of white oppression. Violence and turmoil are not side effects of these things, they are a logical result. Some people are clamoring for Obama to speak about the Chris Lane murder. Don’t hold your breath, folks; I suspect Obama finds Mr. Lane about as worthy of comment as the infants slaughtered by Kermit Gosnell.

But, personally, I don’t want to hear anything out of that man’s mouth, unless it’s an apology to the Lane family for his reckless and sinister exploitation of racial tensions.

That’s not going to happen, I know. Just as no amount of blood and death will convince many Americans to have a real conversation about the cultural factors that precipitate all of this. Instead, bodies will be buried and more lives destroyed, and the Powers that Be will remain silent, until they find a tragedy they can make something out of. Meanwhile, Chris Lane’s family and friends will mourn in silence, and the old man who fought for this country in WWII will be put in the ground, and Oprah will tell us more tales of the oppression she encounters in high end fashion stores. And nothing will change until we have the guts to be honest with each other.