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A new report says that the IRS, in a span of two years, spent 50 million dollars on conferences for their employees. They racked up that price tag through everything from lavish hotel accommodations, to first class plane tickets, to commissions for event planners, to speaker fees, to door prizes, to awful parody videos. Just to give you a little taste of what we’re dealing with: At a conference in Anaheim, they plunked down 17 grand for a speaker who created paintings on stage to communicate a message about creativity. I would roll my eyes at the notion of IRS stooges being “creative,” but, actually, they do seem to think outside the box when it comes to finding ways to blow my money on stupid bull crap.

So, just another example of selfless “public servants” looking out for the common good of mankind… While they eat shrimp cocktails and lounge in a Jacuzzi in the presidential suite at the Hilton. Seriously, have we had enough yet? I’m sick of congressional hearings and political posturing. I’m done beating around the bush. I’ve been too nice about this. It’s time to derail the gravy train for these thieving bloated parasites. I’m not working to provide for my family every day just to have my bank account sucked dry by government employees who feel entitled to perks and benefits that don’t exist in the private sector, unless you work on Wall Street. Do you know how many public workers should be attending expensive conferences and banquets at nice hotels? Zero. Do you know how many government employees should be able to work for twenty years and then spend the last four decades of their life retired on a full tax funded pension? Zero. Do you know how much money you should be spending to treat public servants to first class plane tickets, or any plane tickets for that matter? Zero dollars and zero cents. It’s time to put the servant back in public servant.

You should be furious. You should be personally offended that food is taken out of your children’s mouth for the sake of providing luxury, comfort, and lavish benefits to government workers. And don’t let anyone scare you away for your righteous anger. Don’t let them lecture you about being more empathetic to the poor souls in government who are plagued with the burden of being able to retire a quarter century earlier than you. Where is the compassion for you and me? We toil tirelessly to forge a life in a country that has been bankrupted by the reckless incompetence and power obsessed immorality of government. We pay for everything. Everything. It’s our money. It’s all our money. It’s our labor. We pay all the bills. We are the engine. We hold the entire planet on our shoulders. And all the while we are nit picked, prodded, cajoled, controlled, micro managed, burglarized, persecuted, prosecuted, oppressed, suppressed, and disenfranchised by the very people whose existence we subsidize. These brats will steal money from your wallet, jack your car, crash it into a tree and then call you selfish when you get upset about it. They’re like teenagers, except they have the force of law behind them. So many of them work jobs that shouldn’t exist in positions that are designed only to expand the reach of the Bureaucratic Blob they serve.

Government is the problem. Government takes our freedom, our money, our livelihood. Don’t worry about the terrorist hiding from a drone attack in Pakistan. Worry about the bureaucrat sitting at a desk in Washington. Lord, I wish we would reclaim our revolutionary spirit and become the sort of citizenry that relentlessly guards its own sovereignty and liberty. That’s how we need to be. Nothing will change until we do first.