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Obama held a press conference, during which he casually mentioned his plan to enact gun control measures through executive action. 

Hey, here’s a fun bit of trivia: Can anyone cite the section of the Constitution that gives the Executive Branch the authority to regulate firearms? Anyone? No? Nothing? 

Of course you can’t. It’s not in there. You could read the thing like a freaking word search or a Rorshach test and it still wouldn’t be in there. This is an open and shut case. Or at least it should be. But unfortunately these tyrants in Washington have no shortage of foolish feeble brained sycophants ready to explain why the Constitution is archaic and outdated and should be ignored. Because after all, this is MODERN day. 

But here’s the problem, oh Enlightened Ones, simply pointing out where we currently reside in the chronology of events is not, in and of itself, a justification for dismissing things that came before us. I’m getting a bit sick of these retarded snobs who think something as profoundly important as the Constitution can be utterly discredited based on the fact that it was written before we were born. In earlier times, a thing would be respected MORE the older it was. But now we won’t even listen to an iPod if it was made prior to last April. 

But this goes beyond simple timeline prejudice. The Constitution isn’t just tradition, it is the law. It’s the law that governs the lawmakers. We give up on it, we give up on freedom. Plain and simple. 

Listen, even if you don’t want to buy a gun you should still value the second amendment. Even if you are an atheist you should defend religious freedom. Even if you never fly on a plane you should still hate the TSA. Just because you don’t plan to USE a particular liberty doesn’t mean you should willingly sacrifice it. 

This is the game the government has played and if you’ve fallen for it, you should be ashamed of yourself. They first convince us we don’t need a particular freedom and then begin to remove it. Sometimes they go beyond that, they coax us into hating our own liberties so that we’ll celebrate when they’re taken away. It’s like a doctor who convinces a fat man to allow his legs to be amputated by telling him that A) he isn’t using them so he doesn’t need them and B) he might get leg cancer one day so it’s best to give them up now. Then the doctor turns around and sells the fat man’s legs on the black market (14 dollars a pound is the going rate, last time I checked). That last part of the analogy may seem gratuitous and unnecessary but the truth is the despots in DC profit off of these liberty amputations in the same way. 

We don’t try to break free of the chains because we’ve been convinced to love them. We don’t try to escape our cage because the Nanny State has told us we’re better off inside it. Plus we have cable, WiFi and fast food in here so who needs freedom, right?

I can’t stand these traitorous Obama apologists anymore. He isn’t the first presidential Dictator we’ve had, but he’s the one we have now. And we should all be united in opposition to him. Wake the hell up. You’re just as enslaved as the rest of us, even if you voted for the guy.