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So this is my latest podcast. I’d really like for you guys to listen and share. If you can’t listen to the whole thing, go to 14:10. That’s where I get into what is, I think, the most important point. I’ve written plenty about the issue of gay marriage, but here I specifically try to explain why the government shouldnt simply “get out of marriage,” like a lot of socially libertarian conservatives say. I rarely hear anyone defend what I’m defending here anymore, so give it a listen and think about it.

I also talk about why marriage is NOT a constitutional right and why it is NOT just a contract between consenting adults. All of that starts at 14:10, then we get into other topics like Christian music and Satanism.

Don’t worry, just because I do a podcast doesn’t mean I stopped writing. But I like this format, too, and if you all listen then I can justify doing it more:

Click here.