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This post is not about the George Zimmerman case. This post is about a disease epidemic. I call it a disease for the sake of my own sanity. I have to tell myself that some sort of mental affliction has spread throughout our country and claimed millions of helpless victims. I tell myself that because the only other option is that we are simply a nation of fools and liars. So which is it? Diseased, foolish or dishonest? Maybe a combination of the three?

This post is not about the George Zimmerman case. This post is about a tragic and explainable phenomenon. We live in the “Information Age.” Virtually every human being in the western world carries the internet around in their pocket. From there, they can research any topic and explore any idea. They can answer any question and deepen their understanding of any issue. Yet, we are somehow more ignorant and less interested in the truth than probably any civilization in history. People — millions and millions of people — walk around repeating falsehoods and absurdities. Falsehoods and absurdities that can be exposed as falsehoods and absurdities through 17 seconds of research. Type it in to Google. Hit ‘enter.’ Read. Simple. Easy. What’s the problem?

This post is not about the George Zimmerman case. This post is about throngs of angry adults who have spent a year and a half utterly distracted by a particular news story, yet, apparently, never actually spent even 3 minutes informing themselves about the story. A year and a half of protests, riots, outbursts, outrage, obsession, and still so many people know so little about the case that sparked their ire. How is that? How could this have been maybe the most famous murder trial in modern American history, and still be such a jumbled blur in the minds of so many? In the past couple of days I have been attacked viciously by hundreds of anonymous folks on the internet who loath my very existence because I disagree with their opinion about the Zimmerman trial. Almost every single one of these folks have cited entirely untrue and plainly bogus details in their arguments against me. They repeat utter fabrications — fabrications that can be dispelled with literally 2 to 3 minutes of investigation. How is that possible? How could they be so passionate about a topic they apparently know next to nothing about? What is going on?

Have whatever opinion you want to have, but please base it on some semblance of reality. And that means you need to stop saying this:

“Zimmerman got out of the car and disobeyed the orders of the police!” No. No he didn’t. He wasn’t talking to police. He was talking to a 911 operator. The suggestions of a 911 operator do not carry the force of law. You don’t have to “obey” them.

Also, stop saying this: “Zimmerman got out of the car even though the [911 operator] told him not to!” No. No he didn’t. The person on the other line never told him not to get out of the car. Never happened. It didn’t happen. Stop saying it happened. It didn’t. That’s a fact. You can’t argue it or dispute it. It didn’t happen.

Also, stop saying this: “Zimmerman got out of this car and followed Trayvon even though he was told not to!” No. No he didn’t. He was already out of his car when the operator said “we don’t need you to” follow him. How did Zimmerman respond to that? He said, “No! I refuse! I shall pursue the suspect and there’s nothing you can do about it mwahahahaha!” Just kidding. Actually, he said “OK.” Did you get that? It was suggested that he doesn’t need to follow Martin and Zimmerman said “OK.” Then he didn’t follow. HE DIDN’T FOLLOW after he was told he didn’t “need to.”

Finally, this: “We need to end Stand Your Ground Laws!” Hmmm that’s interesting. While you’re at it, why don’t you tack global warming and herpes onto this story as well. After all, they have as much to do with the Zimmerman case as “Stand Your Ground laws.” Zimmerman claimed self defense — not Stand Your Ground. This much-discussed legal provision had absolutely nothing to do with this incident. This was not a Stand Your Ground case. I repeat: This was not a Stand Your Ground case. This was boring old self defense, the sort of self defense situation that plays out every day in this country. Nothing more, nothing less.

Zimmerman told the operator he wasn’t sure exactly where he was. He didn’t have an exact street address. Most of the conversation revolved around where Zimmerman would meet the police. It was agreed that he would rendezvous with them at his truck. Later, Zimmerman said he was attacked by Martin as he was walking back to his vehicle. This is consistent with the entire exchange he had with the 911 dispatcher. This 911 transcript also shows a guy who desperately wanted the police to arrive. A vigilante, by definition, doesn’t call the cops.

Maybe he was planning on this dastardly murder the whole time and therefore lied to the dispatcher in anticipation of his 911 transcript being publicized in the national press. Maybe, but that seems like a bit of a long shot. Zimmerman claims he got out of his car briefly, primarily to find an exact street address, and was assaulted on the way back to his vehicle, where he planned to meet the police. This account is consistent with everything including the 911 tape.

This post is not about George Zimmerman. This post is about the sickeningly popular practice of shouting a certain lie often enough and loud enough, until it becomes cemented in the public conscience. This post is about what is true. And this is the last time that I will go over the obvious and attainable facts of the Zimmerman case. I can’t bang my head against this brick wall anymore. Either pursue the truth, or live a lie. That’s a decision you’re going to have to make on your own.