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When it was first revealed that the IRS was targeting Tea Party groups, there was universal outrage and condemnation. People from all across the ideological spectrum came together, in a rare moment of unity, to protest a government action that any rational human being would find clearly and unequivocally appalling.

However, as expected, this consensus only lasted for about 20 seconds. Now the left wingers have gone back to their Statist fortress, manned the battle stations, and are beginning to come up with arguments to explain why the persecution by the IRS was warranted. Now, I’m of the opinion that you are a slimy traitor (no offense) if you side with the IRS against your fellow Americans for any reason. But the particular reason I’m hearing in this case is especially disgusting: They say that Tea Party groups should be scrutinized because they don’t “deserve” tax exempt status in the first place. Politicians like Cruella De Ville, I mean Nancy Pelosi, have said that we need to reexamine the parameters and qualifications for 501 (c) 3 organizations. Essentially, they assert, the IRS only erred in not targeting MORE groups.

I have a couple of issues with this argument. First of all, what the hell is wrong with us that we’ve allowed the phrase “tax exempt” to even come about in the first place? The implication is that the IRS has a God given right to take everyone’s money, and if you don’t want your money taken you have to plead for an “exemption.” So the default status of all people, organizations, groups, societies, and clubs, is that they are taxed. Our natural state is to be taxed and controlled. If you exist, you owe the IRS. If you don’t pay up, you’re either a crook or you’ve been granted a merciful exemption from the gods of the Internal Revenue Service. What a shameful citizenry we have become. This is pathetic. I ask again: What is wrong with us? Everyone should be exempt from the IRS because the IRS shouldn’t exist. But instead of calling for the destruction of the IRS, we fall at their knees and beg them to tax our neighbor more than they tax us. Gross. Treasonous. Anti-American.

Second, so you don’t think the Tea Party should qualify as a 501 (c) 3? Ok, well what about Planned Parenthood? Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar corporation that rakes in millions in PURE PROFIT and they somehow qualify as a “non profit.” They offer an expensive service called abortion, which they charge money for, and which they make hundreds of millions of dollars performing. Yet they’re a tax exempt “non profit” group. They also engage in heavy political advocacy and contribute millions to liberal politicians. They are a billion dollar, hugely profitable, politically active business which makes hundreds of millions of dollars offering a very pricey service, yet they’re a 501 (c) 3? Where’s the scrutiny there? Actually, it’s even worse. They aren’t just “exempt” from taxes, they also RECEIVE millions of dollars from the tax payers. You have a problem with the Tea Party being exempt from taxes, meanwhile Planned Parenthood gets 500 million dollars a year from Obama and you say nothing? Hypocrites. Frauds. Fools. You people would have aneurysms if a Republican president handed half a billion dollars to Tea Party groups, yet you clap like seals while our government shovels barrels of cash into the offices of a corporation that makes hundreds of millions of dollars killing children.

I’m fine with Planned Parenthood being “exempt” from the IRS, because I don’t think the IRS should exist. I actually have these things called “principles” that I apply equally. That said, it’s a crime of astronomical proportions that these monsters actually get WELFARE from the State. Don’t cry about the Tea Party not paying tax money, until you’ve screamed about Planned Parenthood receiving tax money.