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A few weeks ago, an official representative of Planned Parenthood testified in front of a legislative committee and argued DIRECTLY for legalized infanticide (the killing of newborn children). She said the decision to murder an infant child, outside of the womb, should be “up to the health care provider and the patient”.

Last week, we found out that Planned Parenthood knew what was happening in serial murderer Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic, and they did absolutely nothing to stop it. If you’ve forgotten, “what was happening in Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic” includes but is not limited to: Murdering thousands of infants who were born alive — mostly by severing their spinal chords but sometimes by letting them drown in toilets, butchering their corpses and leaving their body parts strewn all over the clinic, using un-sterilized medical equipment which spread diseases and infections to his “patients”, perforating the uterus and bowels of many women, killing at least two of them, segregating his clinic by race and purposefully giving better treatment to whites, and operating an establishment that was so filthy that it smelled of urine and feces. Planned Parenthood knew about this. And they did nothing.

A rational person would say that Planned Parenthood needs to be the subject of a federal investigation. At the very least, both their cowardly silence and their public endorsement of infanticide should be harshly condemned and scrutinized. But none of these things are happening. Instead, here’s what IS happening: President Obama will be speaking at a swanky Planned Parenthood fundraiser tomorrow. The President of the United States of America will be sipping cocktails with the executives of the largest abortion provider in the world, and doing it, no less, after they aided, abetted and endorsed infanticide.

This is a man with no shame, no decency, and no compassion for murdered children. Can you imagine what would happen if a Republican president showed up at a NRA fundraiser a week after a school shooting? Can you fathom the outrage? Can you possibly comprehend the universal indignation? Yet Obama can give a speech to a conglomeration of abortionists while an abortionist who is likely guilty of murdering THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN is in court? And worse – an abortionist who could have been stopped by Planned Parenthood officials, but wasn’t.

And need I even wonder aloud about the very concept of helping to “raise funds” for a billion dollar corporation that already gets 500 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in TAX MONEY? A “non-profit” company whose CEO rakes in 400 grand annually. An organization that performed 333 thousand abortions last year and made well over 100 million dollars doing it. Oh, yeah, you’ll hear it claimed that only “three percent” of Planned Parenthood’s business involves abortions. Nonsense. Lies. Bull crap. They make 100 million dollars a year performing abortions; they performed over a quarter of a million last year and gave out less than 2,500 adoption referrals. So do you know how they get that “three percent” figure? Like this: If a particular clinic kills three babies in a day, but gives out 100 condoms, they will then say that abortions only comprised “three percent” of their business on that particular day. That’s like if a pediatrician gives all of his patients sugar free lollipops and then someone claimed that “half of his business” involves giving out lollipops. All the sudden it’s a doctor’s office AND a candy shop! Makes sense, right?

On Thursday night, Planned Parenthood will present the “Margaret Sanger Award” to some feminist nutcase. Margaret Sanger, by the way, is the eugenicist who founded Planned Parenthood. She used to go to KKK rallies and make impassioned pleas for the murder of the mentally handicapped and the poor. On Friday, the President of the United States will be there to make a sales pitch for more abortions.

It’s not OK to be OK with this. Any of it.