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Pathetic. Sick. Depraved. Crass. Disgusting. Someone get me a thesaurus and I’ll give you some more adjectives to describe that Obama speech. He just pulled a bunch of children up on stage and used them as props to push gun control measures. Unless you’re absolutely dead inside you ought to be enraged to see young kids blatantly exploited as political pawns. I can’t believe I actually witnessed the President of the United States of America tackle a profoundly important constitutional issue by reading letters from 4th graders. Is this a joke? Are we stupid enough to be swayed by a subversive circus act like that? 

Did anyone notice how he’s exploiting Sandy Hook yet every gun control “proposal” he made had nothing to do with what actually happened at Sandy Hook? The guy didn’t own those guns. His mother did. Universal background check? What would that have accomplished? Limit the size of magazines? Seriously? That’s the brilliant strategy? That bastard had several minutes alone in an enclosed environment with children. You think making sure he has to reload a few more times would have saved lives? Did it save lives at Virginia Tech?

Most guns used to commit crimes aren’t purchased legally. What part of that sentence is so difficult to grasp? Should I say it again? Most guns used to commit crimes aren’t purchased legally. Most guns used to commit crimes aren’t purchased legally. I’m wondering if repetition will help it sink into the collective conscience that most of these murderers are ALREADY breaking 90 different laws and regulations before they even open fire. You think adding a few more will help? 

If we’re serious about protecting schools we could, you know, PROTECT THE FREAKING SCHOOLS. The same way every other government building is protected. The same way the president is protected. The same way every Mr.”Guns Won’t Solve the Problem” Jackass Politician is protected. 

All that aside, I did like the part of the speech where Obama said we have to punish people who sell guns to criminals. Great idea. Let’s start with your entire Justice Department and ATF and then move on to whoever you have in charge of arming terrorists in Syria and Libya. And then let’s lock you up, Obama, per your own suggestion. I think that would make us all a lot safer.