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It’s time to get this show on the road.

I’m excited to announce the Matt Walsh World Tour, which doesn’t actually involve the whole world, nor is it really a ‘tour,’ per se. That’s probably why we’re not calling it the Matt Walsh World Tour. I just called it that because it’s fun to write.

In any case, I will be hosting some live events across the country. First stop: Provo, Utah. Then onto Texas, then several other places that will be announced soon.

Click here for tickets to Radical Thoughts: Matt Walsh Live


The show will involve me sharing my dangerous, psychotic, right wing fundamentalist ideas about life, culture, family, and politics. Plus, we’ll do a Q&A, where I will artfully dodge all of your questions like the skilled diplomat that I am. And I’ll hang out afterwards to say hi to everyone who took the time to come out.

Buy your tickets now. They’re just 15 bucks if you purchase early; enough to help us get back the money we spent to rent out the venue, equipment, and so forth.

A big thanks to Sycamore Tree Events for partnering with me to produce the live events.

I like this whole blogging shtick, but it’s more fun when I can talk about these things in front of an audience, and give the audience a chance to talk back.

I look forward to seeing you soon.