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People often accuse me of being “arrogant” or “holier than thou” because I articulate my opinions and beliefs in a firm and uncompromising way. If you approach things in a similar way, I’m sure you hear the same accusations all the time. It’s completely absurd, obviously, but I think I know why people in our culture confuse your confidence in your point of view with “arrogance.”

I think it’s because many people are so malleable, shiftless, intellectually lazy, and willfully oblivious that your firmness scares them. They won’t engage with your point and try to prove you wrong, because they don’t really know why you’re wrong. They just don’t want you to think you’re right. They want you to join them in their confusion and ignorance. These days, if you try to emerge from the mindless collective and form an actual point of view, you will be shouted at and scolded. Not because you’re wrong, necessarily, but just because you had the audacity to try and figure things out on your own.

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