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Usually I write pretty quickly, but this one took me a few days to finish. I had to pray about it and go back to Scripture several times to be sure I was making my case as convincingly as possible. I’m responding, here, to an email from an unrepentant gay Christian who tries to explain why Christian churches should start being more “inclusive” of him and his sexual perversion. He seems to use his orientation as a sort of emotional blackmail against me. As if I must sugarcoat or abandon the truth just because the truth is uncomfortable to him personally.

Obviously I’m not going to play that game. But, at the same time, I do want to take the time to explain the truth to him, and hopefully at least plant some seeds in his heart. Many will read this and likely accuse me of being “hateful” and “angry” and so on, but I don’t think either hate or anger can be found in my comments to him.

I thought this conversation is worth having publicly because we all hear all the time nowadays that different “lifestyles” should be “welcomed” and “included” in our churches. “Inclusiveness” has become the popular Christian buzzword of the moment. Yes, the Faith is inclusive in the sense that it is universal, open to everyone, so long as they are willing to FOLLOW and ACCEPT the Truth. But that’s now how progressives mean it when they say it.
They want to be included on their own terms. They want to be “accepted” along with their sin. They want the road to salvation to be broad, when in fact our Savior says quite clearly it is narrow and many will not be able to pass through it.

The Faith is “inclusive” and “welcoming” of those who wish to embrace the truth, but it does not welcome sin:

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