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This is the official launch day for my book, The Unholy Trinity. I’d like to say I’m excited about it — I mean, I am excited — but I also feel a mixture of more stressful emotions, which I’m told are pretty common for authors. I think that sentence, by the way, is the first time I’ve called myself an author. That will take some getting used to.

I don’t know if the book will sell. I doubt it will get good reviews, if it gets reviewed at all. I’m sure these aren’t the things my publisher wants me to say about it, but I always try to be real with you guys and that’s not going to change now. The book goes after all of the Left’s sacred cows — abortion, the gay lobby, “transgenderism,” feminism — and that’s not going to win it many fans. I knew that going in, and I’m OK with it.

I didn’t write the book in order to have a bestseller. I wrote it simply because I felt that it needed to be written, and for no other reason. I truly believe that the battle for our culture really boils down to the fight over life, marriage, and gender. The Left’s largely successful campaign to redefine these three essential pillars of human civilization is the most important thing happening in our country right now, culturally speaking. These fights are linked, they feed off of each other, and we, as Christians and conservatives, essentially surrender everything to the Left when we abandon any one of these battlefields.

That’s the argument I’ve been making for years, it’s the argument I make in the book, and it’s the argument that a great many people on my “side” have consistently rejected. If this book can manage to smack some sense into even a few of those people, I’ll consider it a success. And I should be clear that this book is a smack, not a tickle or a whisper. Many people on my “side” need to be smacked awake, metaphorically speaking.

This book is not an academic dissertation. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not a scholar or a philosopher. I don’t even have a college degree. In high school, when I still thought I might go to college, I was informed that I didn’t have the chops to get a degree in creative writing. Maybe that was true. Maybe it still is. But now I write for a living and I just published a book, so what can I say? God has plans for us that sometimes seem to defy logic or explanation. And I fully admit that giving such a platform and such a large audience to some random dude like myself certainly falls under the “defies logic” umbrella.

I’m not sure if I’ve done a good job of promoting the book here. My apologies to the publisher if I’m doing this wrong. I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you guys as I get ready for a hectic week. And whether you buy the book or not, I want to sincerely thank you for your loyal support. I am completely unworthy and undeserving of your respect and attention, but I am grateful for it — if sometimes a bit perplexed by it.

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