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This is a disgusting story, but there’s a reason I’m bringing it to your attention. An incestuous mother and son couple in New Mexico are fighting for their right to be with each other. So far, their pleas for support have not been answered. They say they have a right to love each other, and somehow the “love is love” folks have not yet rallied to their defense.

This is very simple. If you support gay “marriage,” then you cannot logically and consistently deny these two lovebirds. As I explain in my piece today, literally every single argument — every single on, without exception — that was used to justify gay “marriage,” would also apply to Momma Incest and her son/lover. I go through each pro-gay marriage argument in this column to prove it.
It’s also true that all of those arguments also provide cover for pedophiles, polygamists, bestiality enthusiasts, and every other brand of perversity that you can imagine. No, it’s not a slipper slope. It’s a straight plunge. Once we abandoned traditional marriage — otherwise known as real marriage — we opened the door to every degrading thing under the sun.
Soon enough, liberals will openly advocate for all of these things. In some cases they already are. And so it behooves conservatives and Christians to stand firm and stick to our arguments, applying them consistently to everything, no matter how unpopular it makes us. Because the other side of this story is that a lot of us abandoned the marriage fight, ceded the ground to the left, and now, having forfeited the argument, we can only watch helplessly as our cultural descent into depravity and madness continues: