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*I’m going to discuss liberals. Let it be understood that the modern liberal holds absolutely no resemblance to, and is actually the diametric opposite of, the Jeffersonian classical liberal. The modern liberal follows the track laid out by other political thinkers like Karl Marx and Alec Baldwin. For that reason, they should be more accurately referred to as “neo-liberals” or “post modern liberals” or “the dumb kind of liberals,” so as not to sully the good name of the old school, Revolution era type. For the sake of brevity however, I’ll be calling them just “liberals” in this post, with this prologue always in mind.*


Liberals don’t like to debate. They generally prefer to shout slogans at you and tell you to kill yourself. It’s not exactly the Socratic method, but I guess it works for them. They’re sort of like a really vulgar bumper sticker that has come to life and dedicated itself to draining the substance and constructive potential out of every discussion. Of all their inane slogans, this is probably their most common go-to: “Stop forcing your religion on me!” Now, this they will only use against a conservative Christian. Strangely, they rarely say it when the conversation turns to fundamentalist Islam, where, in some countries, you can be stoned to death in the middle of the street for committing the crime of being not Muslim.

So, brutalizing and decapitating a non-believer = not forcing your religion. Placing a plastic nativity scene outside of a courthouse in the Bible Belt = forcing your religion. See how this works? Yeah, me neither. Like I said, it ain’t Socrates we’re dealing with here.

Maybe they give the militant Muslims a pass because they actually quite admire their methods. In truth, it’s liberals who do the forcing of religious beliefs in this country. Don’t believe me? You think liberals aren’t “religious”? You think they actually subscribe to some sort of “live and let live” philosophy? Well, you, my friend, haven’t been paying attention. Nor have you read a dictionary recently. Let’s define out terms.

Here is the dictionary definition of “force“: To compel, constrain or oblige someone to do something.

Here is the dictionary definition of “religion“: A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe; A moral code governing the conduct of human affairs; A specific set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of people or sects.

One is only forced to do something if they are compelled or obliged, and that compulsion or obligation would clearly have to come from a powerful authority of some kind. One is part of a religion if they share a certain set of beliefs and a moral code with a number of people. Notice, the word “religion” does not intrinsically necessitate any kind of faith in the supernatural, although it has that characteristic in some cases. In order to “force your religion” you must first be compelling, or advocating compulsion, and that compulsion must be fueled by a belief, rather than an objective observation of a physical reality.

With that in mind, let’s examine who, precisely, forces their religion around these parts. We’ll look take it issue by issue.

Taxes and welfare.

Liberals believe that in the interest of fairness — a subjective concept if ever there was one — the government must see to it that nobody ever gets too rich or too poor. Therefore, they believe, your property and the fruits of your labor do not belong to you. This cultish dogma even bestows on some a mysterious and unexplained “entitlement,” whereby certain members of society are “owed” the money and property of other members. The entire system of redistribution, which is central to their religion, must be facilitated through force by government.

Liberals FORCE their religious BELIEF in entitlement onto the rest of us.


Liberals believe that an infant child is a human but not a person, a distinction also made by slave owners in reference to blacks, and by the Nazis in reference to Jews. Just like those examples, their doctrine about unborn children is not at all supported by medical evidence, and is, in fact, rejected by most practitioners of medicine. Biology finds the relationship between mother and unborn child to be natural and life giving, whereas a liberal believes it to be parasitic. Again, this belief is not supported by the objective reality, nor by the dictionary, which defines “parasite” as “an organism that lives on an organism of another species.” An unborn human is not of another species, according to science, but the faith of the liberal cares little of science. Because of these wild beliefs, the liberal believes it acceptable to exterminate the baby, a process that most assuredly involves brutal force.

Liberals FORCE their religious BELIEF in the non-personhood of the unborn onto babies, and onto society in general through absurd court rulings like Roe V Wade.


Liberals believe that human beings are “destroying the planet.” They prophesy an imminent apocalypse where polar ice caps melt and flood our cities, while entire islands capsize under the weight of a mythical “overpopulation.” In anticipation of this utter impossibility, they have come up with a strict set of rules and regulations to which all must abide. They wish to force companies to adhere to an arbitrary “carbon emissions cap.” They force citizens to give their money to “green energy companies,” which then promptly go bankrupt. They advocate for laws forcing individuals to buy certain lightbulbs and drive certain cars. They even push their religion on children in the schools, strictly forbidding any teacher to stray from the tenets of their faith’s teachings about the environment.

Liberals FORCE their religious BELIEFS about the environment onto all people through taxes, regulations and one sided educational curriculum.


Liberals believe that restrictions on guns will lead to a decrease in violence. Empirical evidence belies this notion, but their creed does not make room for actualities. They use intensely dogmatic phrases like “nobody needs this gun” and “guns are dangerous.” Their liberal moral code requires a person to be defenseless and to submit to an attack from a violent force, where the prey must bide his time and hope for the onslaught to end before serious or fatal injuries are incurred, rather than precipitate its conclusion through the judicious use of a firearm. This belief in the moral imperative of defenseless leads them to reject not only logic, common sense, and statistical facts, but constitutional law as well.

Liberals FORCE their religious BELIEF in the inherent evil of guns onto all men and women through gun control laws.

I could go on. Compulsory schooling, anti-discrimination laws, affirmative action, Title IX, smoking bans, Obamacare, “public health,” and the list continues. In fact, on almost every issue, liberals believe in ruthlessly forcing compliance to their dogmatic beliefs. Much like the cheating spouse who becomes suspicious of the one he’s cheating on, liberals project the hideous features of their ideology onto their opponents. They scream about religion being “forced on them” anytime a Christian merely speaks or displays his faith publicly. Yet they work diligently to literally compel conformity to their own ideology through force of government, or — if government fails — litigation, threats and intimidation.

They’ve thrown so many stones in that glass house that now the glass is all shattered. They’re left standing out in the open, in the cold, vulnerable and exposed as the blathering hypocrites they’ve always been.