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Paula Deen admitted in a deposition that a long time ago she used racially insensitive language on a few occasions. HURRY, LET’S DESTROY HER LIFE.

She’s already been dropped from the Food Network, she posted an apology video online, and now, without a doubt, she’ll be forced to go on all of the network talk shows and be publicly shamed by a succession of self righteous liberal hypocrites. Then, when all is said and done, she can slink off into obscurity because she will never, ever, ever be forgiven. She committed a sin that our society simply can not absolve. In fact, here’s a list of modern unforgivable sins: 1) Using racial or ethnic slurs. 2) Using homophobic slurs.

And that’s it. Seriously, that’s it. Everything else is tolerable. Everything. And even those two are negotiable, depending on the culprit. For instance, many of the blogs and publications that are reacting with shock and horror at Deen’s admission, were just a few days ago lauding and admiring Kanye West’s new album. West has made a career out of not just using hateful and abusive language, but out of being a hateful and abusive person, yet he’s hailed as an “artist” and a “pioneer.” So, let me see if I understand the rules, I can say the most vile and derogatory things imaginable, as long as I say them to the rhythm of a Skrillex beat? Is that how it works?

But it’s not just slurs and vulgarity that we’ll tolerate (as long as they come from a black rapper or a white liberal comedian like Bill Maher, who always gets a big laugh when he makes fun of disabled children), we’ll also celebrate people who actually DO awful things.

I’ve enjoyed seeing celebrities on Twitter wag their fingers at Paula Deen for using hurtful language. Some of these very same people have actually appeared in Roman Polanski films. Roman Polanski — you know him — he’s the guy who drugged and raped a child and then fled the country to avoid prosecution. He’s also a darling of movie critics and the Hollywood elite. Woody Allen is a crusty old pervert who married his own adopted daughter. He’s also beloved in pop culture. Well, as long as he sticks to marrying his kids and never does something inappropriate, like call them a vulgar name. Eddie Murphy likes to troll street corners for transvestite hookers, yet he still gets roles in Disney movies. The guy who voices Elmo has been credibly accused of sexually abusing young boys, but that didn’t stop him from keeping his job on Sesame Street, not to mention winning multiple Emmy’s last week. Charlie Sheen is a revolting, woman beating, drug addict, and he doesn’t profit in spite of that image — he profits BECAUSE of it. Several women have accused Bill Clinton of rape — not affairs, rape — but he’s a hero to the left. Oh yeah, he’s also an adulterer, but who cares, right? Mike Tyson was actually convicted of rape, but that certainly doesn’t mean he can’t get hilarious and quirky cameos in big budget Hollywood comedies.

The point is, you turn on the TV or crank up the Pandora and you’re going to be watching or listening to a stream of deviants, junkies, rapists, pedophiles, adulterers, and crooks, yet we don’t bat an eye until someone says something racially insensitive. What the HELL is wrong with this country? I’ll tell you what it is: We have no moral standards, no sense of right and wrong, and we don’t care at all about justice or truth, so we tend to make fools of ourselves whenever we randomly decide to get all offended about some insignificant infraction amidst a sea of perversity and violence. Maybe we’ve just got a lot of pent up righteous anger that we’re too afraid to release in the right direction, so we wait for someone to commit a politically incorrect sin so we can unload our vast reservoirs of misplaced moral outrage.

I don’t know. But I do know that this whole dynamic is really starting to annoy me.