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Hey, guys, I’ve got this crazy idea. Now, I admit it’s radical (to apathetic couch potatoes), it’s unique (to people who haven’t the slightest understanding of the history of America or its philosophical foundation), and it’s extreme (to the types of people who check the “I don’t know” box in every poll or survey), but I think it’s worth a shot.

Here it is:

Whether someone kills with a gun or a bomb or a plane, whether they do so for power or for politics, whether we label them a serial killer or a mass murderer or a terrorist, whether they slaughter two people or twenty, whether they are motivated by creed or by greed, whether they played violent video games or listened to talk radio, no matter their race or religion, what do you say we still keep and defend our rights unwaveringly, unapologetically, and uncompromisingly?

What do you say we stop turning every coward with a pipe bomb or a pistol into an indictment of liberty and the Bill of Rights? What do you say we keep the Second Amendment EVEN when a horrible man does horrible things with a gun, and we keep the Fourth and Fifth Amendments EVEN when a horrible man does horrible things with a bomb?

What do you say we accept, because we have no choice, the sad reality that evil exists in the world and we might one day come face to face with it in its worst and most violent form? And then what do you say we prepare for this possibility and protect ourselves against it, but that we refuse, at all costs, to surrender certain sacred things even if their sacrifice would give us an artificially inflated sense of security?

In other words, what do you say we become Americans again, and summarily vote out and reject any politician who is not? What do you say? It’s worth a try, at least. Don’t you think?