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On Monday, a federal judge once again descended from Heaven to rule that unborn humans have no right to be protected at all, in any form, for any reason, in any way, against any harm of any kind. He struck down as “unconstitutional” the Texas law that aims to put some basic regulations and limits on abortion practitioners. To quote from his decision:

“The government can not interfere in the medical field! Unless we’re talking about Obamacare, in which case, it’s totally cool. Or if we’re talking about the government intervening to PAY for an abortion, in which case, again, it’s all good bro. So, like, it can’t interfere. Unless it can. Or, I mean, look, it’s complicated. It can’t intervene to SAVE a life, but it certainly can intervene to end one. That makes sense, right?”

Another moment of clarity and sanity courtesy of America’s left wing.

Meanwhile, abortion groups across the nation have organized pro-abortion events in 32 states, as part of their “1 in 3” campaign. It aims to feature women telling uplifting and inspirational stories about their abortions. The organizers want to “end the stigma of abortion.” It is the act of violently murdering an unborn human, why should there be any negative feelings attached to it?

You know, I’ve considered their points. I have. I’ve thought about it long and hard. But I still disagree. I disagree because they don’t go far enough.

Why stop at ending the stigma surrounding abortion?

Did you hear the story about the girl who went to Victoria’s Secret with her dead child in her purse? Cops are still investigating, but it would appear that this person gave birth to her baby, drowned it, stuffed it in a bag and then went shopping. If they can prove she killed it AFTER it was born, they’ll likely charge her with murder.

But why? I say let her go. End the investigation. While we’re at it, let Kermit Gosnell out of his cage. Free Andrea Yates. Free them all.

Let’s end the stigma surrounding child murder. All child murder — not just the trendy kind, which we’ve dubbed “abortion.”

You think I’m kidding? I wouldn’t joke about this. I’ve been known to be sarcastic, but this isn’t one of those times. How in God’s name could we possibly justify arresting a girl for CHOOSING to TERMINATE her child. It was HER child. It came out of HER body. It’s HER business. It’s HER choice. Until WE’VE been forced to make that difficult choice, we can’t judge. Right? Isn’t that the logic we use for abortion?

What, we can use it if she murders the kid while it’s in her womb, but we can’t use it seven seconds after it comes out? Why? For what reason? What’s the difference?

No, seriously, what’s the difference? Whatever that being is that we’re exterminating, it was that when it was inside her, and it’s that now that it’s outside of her. It IS whatever it IS. If it’s essence — it’s being — isn’t worthy of legal protection inside a woman’s body, why should we afford it any special protections outside? Is it more of a hassle, more of a strain, does it take more of a toll on you when it’s unborn? No, but even if it did — how can THAT be the sole legal justification for crushing its skull with metal pliers? And if it IS justification, that justification still applies — indeed, applies even more so — when it’s a newborn.

So fine then. Make infanticide legal. Do you know why? Because we don’t deserve to prohibit it. We can’t sit here, ignoring the silent screams of millions of murdered children, and pretend that we have ethical standards. We can’t do that. We don’t get to do that. We can’t celebrate the genocide of 50 million human infants and then pretend to be horrified because a girl stashes her dead baby in her handbag, or a psychotic sociopath drowns all of her kids in the bathtub. And Gosnell? What in the hell is he doing in a prison cell? He did exactly what every other abortionist does, he just didn’t dress it up and try to make it look pretty. He murdered children in a drab, run down building, and put the corpses in the fridge. Non-jailed abortionist murder children in nicer buildings, and throw the bodies in the hazardous waste dumpster out back. So one is in prison, and the others aren’t due to, what, aesthetic differences?

That’s bull crap. Let him out. Good societies, with moral people who care about protecting the vulnerable, deserve to lock the Gosnells and the Yates’ and the Victoria’s Secret baby killers in a cell and throw away the key. We aren’t that sort of society, and we don’t deserve to do that. You might live next door to an abortionist already, why shouldn’t you ride the bus next to Andrea Yates, wait behind Kermit Gosnell at the super market, and send your kid to the same high school as the girl who took her dead infant lingerie shopping?

We are a nation in moral chaos. Why shouldn’t it look and feel like it? I think it should. I think it would be better if it did.

If I could go back to the slave days, I’d tell those hypocrites to repeal their laws against kidnapping and false imprisonment. I’d tell them to confront the fact that slavery IS false imprisonment — outlaw both or outlaw neither.

And that’s what I’m saying now to our own society of hypocrites; our culture of cowards; our nation of traitors who bat not an eye at the mass murder of the innocent. Either outlaw infanticide in all of its forms, or don’t outlaw it in any form.

This is how neo-liberal ideology survives. It has to erect all of these arbitrary guidelines, and distinctions without differences, and capricious rules and limits. It sets you on a path to Hell, but it takes you there slowly, and it sings you happy songs along the way. It plants the seeds of evil and self-worship into your heart, but it can not let the seeds blossom too quickly. Neo-liberals are only neo-liberals as long as they can hide from their own reflections.

It tells you that abortion is a wonderful expression of a woman’s “right to choose.” But killing newborns? That’s totally different! Or killing a pregnant woman? That’s clearly double homicide!

Let’s stop this madness. Turn the lights on. Neo-liberals, like mold, need darkness to thrive. So turn the lights on. You want legal infanticide? OK, have it your way.

And perhaps we shouldn’t stop there. If unborn humans are expendable, then newborn humans must be expendable; but if newborn humans are expendable, why shouldn’t older humans be seen expendable, too? What is life, after all? Life — human life — is merely the general condition of human existence. But if human existence is not particularly valuable in its earliest stages, why ought we harbor much concern for maintaining and protecting it at any other stage? My own existence is one thing. I am ME, you know. But you? You’re just a clump of skin and bones. You take up space. You are a particular arrangement of cells. There’s nothing special about your arrangement. In fact, you’ve probably done more harm than good with the time you’ve already spent sucking oxygen.

I wouldn’t kill you, but why should I care if anyone else decides to? I’m sure they have their reasons. I’m sure it was a difficult decision for them. I’m sure they did what was best for them, and for you. Why should you be more protected from harm than a tiny infant? If it can be violently removed from the Earth, why should you be any different?

And you might say the same about me. Why should I be protected from murder? Why should the termination of my life be mourned, while the president wishes blessings and good fortune upon those who terminate the lives of unborn children? If they are not significant or valued, why should I be viewed any differently?

I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t.

Either life is valuable, or it isn’t. Either it is legally protected, or it isn’t.

Murder is either a moral outrage, or it isn’t. It’s time for us to choose a path and take it to the end.

Pro-choicers: are you too afraid of your own position to follow it to its logical extension?

Of course you are.

And that ought to tell you something.


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