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I’m sure you heard the story. Three gunmen blasted their way into the headquarters of a French magazine this morning, said they were from Al Qaeda, then proceeded to slaughter 12 people amid shouts of “Allahu Akbar.” All of this, apparently, because this magazine published a few jokes about Mohammed.

When I heard about the attack, I turned on the news to find a White House spokesman being interviewed on CNN. While the split screen showed images of the bloody aftermath, the stooge from the White House informed us that Islam is a “peaceful religion.”

I’m really tired of this nonsense. Obviously, I’m tired of the killing itself, but I’m just as tired of the henpecked wusses in this country and abroad who, no matter how many people die at the hands of Islamists, will still insist that Islam isn’t any more violent than any other religion.

The equivalencies are disgusting and completely ludicrous. There is no equivalent. Islam in the most violent religion in the history of the world. Period. Without question. It’s about time we start being honest about this:

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