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Yet another controversy over a “racist” cop allegedly “assaulting” a black teenager. A video went viral last night showing a white police officer take down a black high school student, drag her across the floor, and cuff her. Naturally, the cop is now being investigated for civil rights violations, because not only do we automatically assume he did something wrong, but that he was motivated by racial animus. It’s insane. It’s just insane. This country is insane.

Anyway, of course nobody cares about the details of this situation any more than they cared with Mike Brown or Freddie Gray or whoever else. But if context does matter to you — if you’re in the sane minority that doesn’t immediately assume all cops are bad and all black suspects are good — then the rest of the story is relevant.

According to reports from the school and witnesses, the girl was using her phone in class. The teacher told her to hand it over, she refused. Teacher told her to go to the office, she refused. Administrator came and told her to go to the office, she refused. School resource officer was summonsed. He told her to get up and come with him, she refused. She was asked again, and again, and she refused, and refused. Finally, after one last warning, she was dragged out of her chair and physically extracted from the building.

Here’s the thing: no matter if you think the cop was “too rough,” the point is that this girl could have avoided all of this SIMPLY BY OBEYING THE RULES AND HAVING SOME BASIC RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY. Sorry for yelling. I’m just tired of this “Oh no, black kids are being attacked by cops, what ever will we do about it?” thing. Here’s what you do about it: teach your kids to be decent, respectful human beings, for God’s sake. This isn’t hard, everyone. It really isn’t.

Yet we’re not allowed to expand the conversation beyond “white cops are too rough with black people” to “hey, maybe parents need to do a better job of instilling, like, some minuscule amount of discipline in their kids.” We aren’t allowed to, but I am anyway. Read and share, because I think this is and important conversation:

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