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This is the sort of thing that shouldn’t need to be written, but then I suppose you could say that about everything I write.

There’s this BuzzFeed video going around called “I’m a Christian, But I’m Not.” It’s as bad as you think it will be based on the title, if not worse. As usual, the most disturbing part isn’t the video, but the fact that it apparently resonated with a large number of people, garnering some 60 thousand likes on YouTube, last I checked.

The video features a small collection of trendy “Christian” millennials saying things like “I’m a Christian but I’m not homophobic” and “I’m a Christian but I’m not uneducated.” Next they tell us they’re Christian but they’re “gay” or “queer” or “feminist.” Then they end the video by informing us about the “one thing” everyone should know about the faith.

They each say something about how Christianity is actually “accepting” and it would “never judge you for what you do.” Nobody mentions Jesus. Nobody mentioned Scripture. Nobody mentioned salvation or sin or heaven or hell or good or evil or anything outside of the sort of flimsy secular slogans we all hear a million times a day.

I decided to respond to the video because, well, honestly, it just annoyed me. But also, more importantly, it is yet another example of this fashionable, “up to date,” liberal Christianity that is almost single handedly responsible for the decline of the faith in Western Civilization.

It turns out that Christianity stripped of its moral substance quickly becomes a Christianity stripped of Christ, and what you’re left with is the sort of Christianity promulgated in many churches and in popular videos like this.

It’s a worthless, pointless, boring, banal, hollow, incoherent Christianity. More accurately, it’s simply not Christianity at all:

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