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“Lil Wayne,” if you aren’t familiar, is a rapper. He is also a worthless fool. He’s a drugged out hack and a disgraceful, witless imbecile. As a lover of music, I would never dismiss an entire genre. They all have redeeming qualities. But I absolutely hate what this mumbling clown represents. His particular brand of “music,” if I can call it that, is the soundtrack for the decay of western civilization. I’m not so depressed by the fact that it exists, but by the fact that there’s an audience for it. He is the mascot of our Idiocracy. He produces nothing but narcissistic gibberish and faux-tough guy bull sh*t. He’s not a man. He’s a cartoon. You can not call what he makes music, for the same reason that you can’t take a dump in a trashcan and call it art. And I felt this way about him before he stomped on the American flag.

Apparently, while shooting a “music” video for a “song” called “God Bless Amerika,” the drug addicted loser decided to dance on top of the flag. For some reason I decided to look up the lyrics to his latest musical abomination. The “song” is, I guess, a critique of America or something. It’s hard to tell. He’s not capable of actually telling a story or communicating a message with his words (which is a shame, because hip hop is supposed to be a story-telling art form). Here’s a sample lyric: “Same sh*t, different air freshener/I don’t play, boy, I ain’t Hugh Hefner.” And this jackass became a millionaire with lines like that. It’s funny, guys like Lil Wayne actually remind me of one of the greatest lyrics ever written:

And in the streets the children screamed
The lovers cried and the poets dreamed
But not a word was spoken
The church bells all were broken
And the three men I admire most
The Father Son and Holy Ghost
They caught the last train for the coast
The day the music died

The day the music died. This cretin and his compatriots are murdering music. And, by the way, this doofus with his stupid facial tattoos couldn’t write a verse like the one above no matter how much weed he smokes. But I’m not interested in typing up a musical critique. I’m interested in shaming any dimwitted delinquent who thinks he’s “bold” or “brave” for defacing the flag. He’s free to do that. He has the right to piss all over a symbol that men have died to defend, but true patriots should speak out loudly in condemnation. There’s a certain outrageous irony to a guy like Lil Wayne stomping on the flag. He is a dude with no talent, no skills, little intelligence, no character, no virtue and no integrity. He grew up in the gutter and then worked diligently to bring the gutter into the mainstream. He’s been a criminal his whole life. He’s been a ridiculous, embarrassing wannabe “gangsta” his whole life. And yet this country made him rich. He has nothing of value to offer and zero redeeming qualities, yet he’s a freaking millionaire. What possible grudge could a guy like that have against this nation?

Sure, there are plenty of legitimate criticisms you could make about America. I criticize America. I have spoken harsh words about what we’ve become. When I do this, I do it because I love this country and the freedom it is supposed to stand for. I have read our history. I know what we were. I know our roots. I know our triumphs. I know our battles. I know about Yorktown and Manassas and Iwo Jima. I know that millions of men really have died for liberty. I want what they fought for, and that’s why I criticize America now. I criticize America for the same reason that you would speak honestly to anyone you love if they were trying to destroy themselves. I criticize America because I’m a patriot. But I would never, ever, disrespect the flag. Never. If you stomp on the flag, you demonstrate a hatred for America down to her core. And if that’s how you feel, why are you here? Have the courage of your convictions and go to a country whose existence and history you don’t abhor.

I wish a couple of Marines could have a few private words with Mr. Wayne. I’d love to see how long he could keep up his thuggish false machismo when confronted by some real tough dudes. Maybe he’d pull out his piece and hold it sideways like a dumbass. I bet they could disable him in two seconds and then smack him around with his own gun for good measure. But I suppose this fantasy will never become a reality. These weaklings tend to surround themselves with gun toting entourages so as to protect them from ever having to take ownership of their bogus bravado.

So, in lieu of a well deserved smack down, I hope the market responds. I’m tired of these parasitic rappers and pop stars poisoning the water with their sophomoric self worshipping computer generated audio fecal matter. And when one of them becomes so desperate for relevancy that he stoops to vandalizing the Stars and Stripes, that’s when we have to proclaim in one loud voice: “Screw you. You’re finished.”

Seriously, screw this guy