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Lois Lerner, the IRS official who ran the office that targeted conservatives, the same woman who lied to the media and to Congress multiple times over the last year, was finally called to answer for her crimes today. She was subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee. It was time for her to fess up and take responsibility. It was time, at last, for some of the crooks involved in this scheme to feel the heat. It was time… For her to invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer any questions. And so she was dismissed and she went home. The end.

Really try to comprehend the infuriating irony here. It’s already hilarious that anyone at the IRS would invoke any of the amendments, considering they toil tirelessly to eviscerate every single one of them, every single day. Their job is to come to work and violate your constitutional liberties. That’s literally what they do for a living. An IRS official pleading for us to respect their constitutional rights is like a criminal abortion doctor pleading for us to spare his life. Coincidentally, both situations have happened in the last couple of weeks. Societally speaking, we are essentially becoming one big oxymoron.

Only it’s worse with this lady. Not only did she hide behind the very constitution she has ripped to shreds throughout her career, but her lawyer actually tried to get her out of appearing before the committee by claiming that it would be, and I quote, “a burden” and too “embarrassing” for her. The woman who sent her minions out to conduct retaliatory audits of political groups she opposed, now wants us to feel bad about “embarrassing” or “burdening” her. I repeat: Someone who works for the FREAKING IRS doesn’t want to be “burdened.” You ever had someone threatened to take your house away and lock you in prison if you don’t pay an exorbitant sum of money, Lois? I’d call that, perhaps, a bit of a burden. And that’s what you people do every day. What about forcing a religious group to explain what they pray about, as a precondition for tax exempt status? I’d say that’s slightly “embarrassing”, wouldn’t you?

Embarrassing. If I had my way I’d show her embarrassing. If I was in charge I’d have these thugs put in some good old fashioned medieval stockades for a few days, a little public shaming could go a long way. And then I’d throw them in prison. These people are criminals. I say we clear every drug addict and petty thief out of prison to make room for these IRS bullies. Think of the beauty of it. It brings tears to my eyes just dreaming about dressing these IRS goons in orange jumpsuits and giving them a nice public perp walk into jail. Then, after those responsible for the persecution have been prosecuted and imprisoned, and after everyone else is fired and the IRS is abolished, we can demolish the buildings where they once worked so diligently to harass and burglarize honest Americans. Or we could burn the buildings, and then dance around the ashes, singing and dancing into the night. Ahhh. What a gorgeous sight it would be.

And if we were a free and righteous people, that’s what we’d do.

Instead, we’ll just have a few more Congressional hearings until everyone gets bored and forgets that any of this ever happened. That’ll show ’em.