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America, I’m disappointed in you. The President REALLY wants this gun control bill to pass but today the background check amendment was voted down in the Senate. Obama gave a speech afterwards and he was really sad and angry and I felt SO bad for him! I mean, seriously people, just STOP with your stupid “second amendment” and your stupid “logical observations” about how “background checks have had zero success at stopping violent crime and so there’s literally not a single good reason as to why we’re even discussing this”. This isn’t ABOUT the Constitution or logic or fighting crime and violence, it’s about giving the President what he wants because he’s the PRESIDENT and you’re not so shut up!! Jerks!!!

Think about it from HIS side for a change. Why don’t you try walking in the shoes of an elitist Ivy School millionaire who benefited from the freedoms this country afforded him and who has now dedicated his life to erasing them for everyone else! Think about all he’s had to do in an effort to pass gun control measures that, in no way, shape or form, have any possibility of accomplishing anything positive, especially considering the morbid irony that the mass murder which sparked this push was perpetrated by a maniac who stole the weapons in the first place and therefore would have been decidedly unimpeded by legalities of any sort. Think about how Obama has even blatantly used, exploited and manipulated victims of gun crime to accomplish cynical political goals. I mean, it must be exhausting to morally compromise yourself on such a consistent and public scale. So stop trying to protect your dumb rights that Obama is trying so hard to eradicate for the sake of his own self aggrandizement!!

All he wants is to control you! Is that SO wrong? Geez. The way people react to him, you’d think he was trying to take away something important — like food stamps. Ok THEN I’d understand being ticked off. But he’s just infringing on the rights guaranteed by our founding documents and endowed by God Almighty, he’s not infringing on welfare or anything. Calm down, crazies.

O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! Four more years! Four more years!