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Yesterday, Hillary had a three minute coughing fit at one of her rallies, then later on the plane she had to dart out of the room during a press conference because she was having another violent coughing attack. When you add this incident on top of all the others, and you consider the fact that Hillary cited her own poor health as a reason why she couldn’t remember crucial details from her time at the State Department, it becomes clear that the lady has some serious medical issues. That’s understandable. She’s an elderly woman, pushing 70 years old, less than a decade from the average age of death for females in the United States. There’s nothing unnatural about having health problems at her age.

Yet she still chose to run for president. She still chose to undergo the physical rigors of campaigning, not to mention the incredible physical toll of being president. Just think of how Obama and Bush aged while in office — and they were young men in great physical shape when they went in. Can Hillary even survive 8 years in office? She’ll be 76 in 2024. This is a legitimate question.

Beyond the physical demands, Hillary also chose to subject herself to the disgrace of being one of the most despised and distrusted people ever to run for office. She chose to bring all of her lies and crimes, and her husband’s various sex offenses, back to the surface just so that she could have one last chance to seize the throne.

This is what happens when a person lives only for power and control. They become a broken shell of a person. An addict clamoring for a fix. A truly pitiful sight: