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Hillary Clinton testified about Benghazi in front of a Congressional committee today. Now that committee will present its “findings” to another committee, which will convene a committee to talk about the committee, which of course will result in a committee being formed to discuss the committee’s conclusions about the committee’s findings about the committee.

And then, after a while, all of this will lead up to absolutely nothing and nobody will be held accountable for anything. God bless our political system. If you can really call it a “system” at this point.

But since we’re on the subject, I’d like to know where all the conspiracy theorists are on this? Here we have an actual, honest-to-God, real life government conspiracy but all of the conspiracy theorists are too busy looking for images of Bigfoot in the Mona Lisa. Come on, people. The conspiracy here is not the simple fact that the administration lied about the attack and tried to blame it on a Youtube video. That’s been established and, apparently, nobody cares. Or at least 52 percent of the American electorate doesn’t care.

The conspiracy is that the State Department and the CIA have been conspiring with, and sending weapons to, Islamic terrorists in Syria in an effort to topple the Syrian government. This is real. It’s happening. Just like it happened in Libya and Egypt. And we know all of this because our politicians readily admit to it. They brag about it, in fact. They paint it as “humanitarian”. Mother Teresa was a humanitarian because she fed and clothed the poor. Obama is a humanitarian because he gives machine guns to Jihadists. To each his own, I suppose. How does this tie into the Libyan attack? Well, here’s where the conjecture comes in. But it’s conjecture in the realm of reality working with absolute facts to come to a conclusion that makes sense. We know the administration drastically destabilized the region by involving itself in a civil war and by arming a dangerous mob of radicals. Already a logical person might come to the conclusion that this could have had at least an impact on the events in Benghazi that night.

But if you dig just a little deeper you’ll find credible people, including a retired general, who claim we were using Benghazi as a staging point to arm militants in Syria. That’s why our diplomat was there. And that’s why he was killed. A very strange form of “diplomacy”, if you ask me. But what do I know?

This sounds like a logical conclusion based on cold hard facts. But nobody is talking about it. We want them to admit it was a “terrorist attack” but then we don’t ask WHY the terrorist attack happened. Yeah, I know, they attacked us “because they hate our freedom”. Stop that. Seriously. Stop it with that. Let’s all grow up and be adults. That makes no sense. That whole line makes zero freaking sense.

Which only goes to show why most of the more bizarre conspiracy theories aren’t true. The government doesn’t hide its dastardly deeds because it doesn’t need to. Obama got up during the debates and loudly proclaimed his intention to continue funneling weapons to terrorists. And nobody flinched.

Government: “Hey you guys, just wanted to let you know we’ve been teaming up with Saudi Arabia to engineer regime changes in foreign countries by giving thousands of machine guns and rocket launchers to groups that our own State Department has classified as terrorist cells. In no way, shape or form does this help you or make you safer but it furthers our convoluted goe-political goals. Sound cool?”

American people: “Huh? Wha? What about arming terrorists? Yeah. Whatevs, man. Do your thang. But hey, while you’re here, TELL US WHY YOU FAKED THE MOON LANDING?!”

I don’t get it. Why isn’t a bigger deal made of this? What, our government conspiring with groups they classify as terrorists isn’t sexy enough? Maybe it isn’t. But it’s real. And it’s lethal. And it’s something we should be at least mildly concerned about.