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A multitude of left wingers read this blog. They generally make their presence known by sending me volumes of lovely emails and Facebook messages. Here’s an example of one I received after my last post about Obama. This particularly articulate liberal showed great restraint as he voiced his disagreements in a coherent and scholarly fashion:

“Matt, your a racist piece of sh*t. I hope you die you assh*le. Stop repeating the same f*cking sh*t you hear on FAUX NEWS. You don’t know sh*t. Your just another Hannity Koch Brothers KKK piece of white trash. Obama doesn’t care what you think about him anyways lol. Hes trying to fix the problems while all you do is bitch about evrything. I can’t believe anyone reads your retarded rants.”

That’s pretty much par for the progressive hate mail course. He hit all the requisite points: I’m a racist… I deserve to die… I get all of my information from Fox News… I’m stupid… [Random Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh reference]… So on and so forth. But despite all of these biting and psychologically penetrating criticisms lobbed in my direction, I do not get angry. Honestly, I feel a profound pity for these poor souls. They’ve betrayed their ideals and sold their integrity to a politician, and for what? They blindly storm the gates anytime anyone defies their leader, yet they battle without the armor of truth.  It’s a suicide mission. They suffer from some sort of political Stockholm Syndrome. They remind me of the masses in North Korea who literally worship and deify the pudgy effeminate dictator who starves, enslaves and persecutes them.

Obama has been an unmitigated disaster in all respects, yet these willing patsies feel compelled to unconvincingly rationalize every folly and felony committed by him. In the end, they get nothing for their ignoble efforts. They try with all of their might to sell a steaming bag of bull crap to anyone who will listen, but whether they succeed or fail they are always all the lesser for it. They’re like used car salesmen forced to wear tacky suits and hock clunkers to soccer moms for zero commission. How could I be personally offended at someone for degrading themselves in such a manner?

No, I want to help them. I want to reach out to them. I want to tell them it will be OK. Liberals, are you still there? Listen, it will be OK. Free yourselves. You are sentient men and women with free will. You don’t have to stand up for Obama. It doesn’t matter what the media says, or what your crusty old professor told you, or what you see in pop culture. Those people are all manipulating you. Untether yourselves from their slimy grasp. Break free from the chains of complacency and collectivism which bind you. Obama is a tyrant. You don’t have to pretend otherwise. Call him what he is and feel no remorse.

I’m not telling you to adopt my ideology, I’m telling you to adopt your own ideology. At least become what you said you were during the Bush years. Actually stand for the passions you feigned. The truth is, liberals — at least liberals circa 2000-2008 — should despise Obama just as much as any conservative at any rodeo or gun show despises Obama. Maybe even more so.

The One Percent

Progressives, you hate corporations and you resent the corrupting influence of money in politics? Well, guess which millionaire president cuddles with Goldman Sachs executives every night while he falls asleep on a bed of money? The guy has raked in millions of dollars of campaign contributions from corporations and big banks. And he gives back — oh does he give back. Obama has handed trillions of dollars in bailout cash to bankers on Wall Street and fat cats in swanky corporate offices. Obama loves the rich. He’s done more to steal money from the middle class and give it to the one percent than any president before him. Even the programs designed for “the poor” are actually just schemes to line the pockets of the wealthy. Why do you think PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Kraft Foods and biotech behemoths like Monsanto all lobby hard for food stamp legislation? Because they make billions off of these “compassionate” welfare schemes. Did you know that JP Morgan Chase rakes in the dough every time someone in one of 23 states signs up for an EBT card? You probably didn’t. But now you do. Until, that is, you force yourself to forget it, and this is precisely the problem.

Anti War

Liberals, you were “anti-war.” What happened to that? Pick those signs back up. Take to the streets again. News flash: Obama has troops occupying more countries than Bush ever did. He’s got military on the ground in 24 African nations, he’s deployed forces to Yemen and Syria and Libya and Egypt. Three times as many troops have died in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush. I thought you wanted to bring these men and women home? Obama’s got them spread all over the globe. Come on, guys and gals. Put a flower in your hair and sing a folk song about the evils of war. It’d be just as relevant now as it was during the Bush years. He’s got a proxy war in Somalia and a drone war in Pakistan that has killed thousands of civilians. He opened a military base in Chile and he still maintains a “presence” in Iraq. Obama hearts war. Plain and simple.

Civil Liberties

Liberals, you’re all about civil liberties? Isn’t that what you claim, or claimed? Obama has been Dick Cheney on steroids when it comes to civil liberties and privacy. He signed the NDAA into law. He assassinated American citizens. He oversaw a massive expansion of the surveillance state, including monitoring the phone records of every American. He extended the Patriot Act. He mandated the Insider Threat Program that requires government employees to profile their coworkers. His Justice Department has spied on journalists, and all of his agencies have been absolutely brutal on whistle blowers. Obama never met a civil liberty he supports and wishes to protect.

The War on Drugs

Liberals, I thought you hate the War on Drugs? Good Lord, Obama has spent 300 million dollars trying to keep medical marijuana away from cancer patients. Sure, the DOJ announced a relaxation on mandatory minimums for some drug offenders, but does that negate the billions Obama’s spent fighting this “war” you once opposed? This president is a neo-con when it comes to drugs.

Evil Guns

What about guns? Don’t you hate guns? Fine, your man is doing what he can to take them out of the hands of law abiding Americans. But doesn’t your distaste for violence and “gun culture” extend beyond the borders? This president has shipped automatic weapons (you know, the scary kind) to criminals and murderers all over the globe. He sent them to the drug cartels in Mexico. He sent guns and grenades to militants in Egypt and Syria and Libya. He sent weaponry to Somalia. Obama is a HUGE fan of guns, just not when they’re in the hands of American citizens.


Obama doesn’t even pass liberal muster on racial issues. He was supposed to help lift minorities up and bring them to new heights in American society, instead they’ve suffered mightily during his tenure. Black unemployment has skyrocketed, the median income of black families has dropped, and the wealth disparity between blacks and white has doubled under Obama. Maybe it’s the white half of him that’s causing all of that. I don’t know.

You guys should be more angry at him than I am. He’s simply been everything I knew he’d be, you all are the ones he used and betrayed. I knew he’d be a nightmare, but you folks thought he’d be your dream come true. Now, was this your dream? THIS? Really? Look around you. Look through the haze of your partisan passions and see reality for what it is.

Ok, you all have always been pretty enthusiastic about abortion and Obama certainly carries your mantle in that respect, I’ll give him that much. He’s your man when it comes to funding and supporting the murder of babies, but beyond infanticide he’s been precisely the opposite of everything you once claimed to be. It turns out that tyrants and narcissistic power mongers are generally interested only in enriching and elevating themselves. You are the footstool he used to get on top, but now you’re just as screwed as the rest of us.

Liberals, you are not slaves. You are independent human beings. I’m not asking you to come to church with me and become a radical right wing fundamentalist Christian like yours truly (although you’re more than welcome to do so), I’m just asking you to have the guts to be what you said you were. And that means you’ll have to oppose Obama, because he’s not on your side. He’s not on anyone’s side.