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The Obamacare employer mandate, which requires businesses with over 50 employees to purchase government approved health insurance or pay a hefty fine, was set to begin in 2014. The administration has just announced plans to delay its implementation until 2015. Hmmmm. Why 2015? What’s wrong with 2014? Well, there’s an election in 2014. But if this is such a wonderful thing and it is sure to herald in a Utopia where everyone is healthy, whole, and cared for, why wouldn’t they be eager to get it going during an election season so voters can promptly head to the ballot box and thank the Democrats for dumping this delicious vat of sweet, sweet Socialism onto all of us? I’m so confused.

Oh, wait. Could it be that the revolting trolls in the Obama Empire know full well this law will be an unmitigated disaster and thousands of people will lose their jobs as employers trim their workforce to avoid the 50 employee mandate threshold? Could it be that Obama and his sniveling lackeys are very aware that thousands more will be dumped from their company health insurance as businesses decide it makes more financial sense to pay the fine than adhere to the expensive, unreasonable, unconstitutional, and unethical demands of Obamacare? And could it be possible that Obama and his degenerate Democrat dupes are absolutely confident that many businesses will simply fold under the weight of Obamacare and its thousands of pages of regulations and its millions of dollars in fines and penalties, enforced, it should be mentioned, by the corrupt Mafiosos at the IRS ? And might it be the case that Obama and his cadre of Marxist clowns anticipate the hatred, rage and anger they will stir amongst the populace once the full and crushing weight of this catastrophic boondoggle is finally felt and realized? And, finally, could these foul traitorous tyrants be concerned about some of the as yet hidden details of Obamacare that will rear their beastly heads upon its full implementation — details like what happens to a business owner who refuses to pay the fines? Will his business be forcibly shutdown and his assets seized ? Will he be arrested? Imprisoned?

Who knows. But we’ll find out. Just not right before a midterm election, which should give you an idea as to the answer.

Between my blog and my show, I hear from a lot of people on a daily basis. I tell you that in order to say this: I haven’t heard from one business owner who is in favor of Obamacare. Not one. Not a single freaking one. It will be an utter calamity, a pestilence, a debacle of horrific proportions. There’s no chance of it going any other way, and these snakes know it. Why else would they be afraid to implement it during an election cycle? Obama, by the way, doesn’t even have the legal authority to delay the mandate considering it was written into the legislation passed by Congress. Oh well. It’s just the law. Why should such trifles concern the Mighty Sultan himself?

Do you think Obama ever feels any pangs of sadness when he realizes, in a fleeting moment of intellectual honesty, that history will certainly remember him with contempt and shame? Scandal, corruption, deceit, destruction, coercion, theft, arrogance, economic and moral bankruptcy — this will be his legacy. He must know that. Or maybe he doesn’t. Caligula thought he’d be worshiped as a god — instead, he was reviled as a villain, a murderer, and a maniac. Is Obama under the same delusion? It seems likely. And since we’re on the subject, will America suffer the same fate as Ancient Rome? Sadly, that seems even more likely.