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If you live anywhere near the Fort Worth or Houston areas, I’ll be in your town next weekend. Follow this link to get your tickets for Radical Thoughts: Matt Walsh Live.

I’ll hit Fort Worth on September 19th, and Houston the following day. Tickets are just 18 bucks if you get them now.

I’ll talk a little bit about how we need to be rebels, rejecting the progressive culture of death and embracing the truth, no matter the consequences. Then we’ll have a Q&A/discussion and a meet and greet. Finally, I’ll conclude the evening with a interpretive dance number. It’s sort of a ballet fusion routine. Very edgy.

Don’t miss it.

And, to answer a question I’ve been asked a hundred times, yes you may bring your alpacas for some on-site grooming consultations.*

*Alpaca grooming consults will require an extra $3,000 fee. Results may vary. If your alpaca is particularly unkempt, I may decide that the only solution is to shoot it and harvest its meat to make a delicious stew. This decision will be non-negotiable and made on the spot, without warning.

Hope to see you there!