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Closing arguments were presented yesterday in the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Although maybe I shouldn’t call them “arguments”. The prosecution needed only repeat every gruesome, factual detail of Gosnell’s infanticide enterprise. The defense, after calling no witnesses and refusing to put Gosnell on the stand, simply claimed that all the evidence doesn’t actually exist and that everyone is a racist for wanting to put a serial baby killer in prison.

But the real “substantive” crux of the defense is something of which we should all take note. Although dozens of employees personally witnessed Gosnell kill infants outside of the womb, the defense refutes this with two claims: 1) Gosnell destroyed most of the medical records so you can’t PROVE it and 2) Just because the babies were moving doesn’t mean they were technically “alive”.

But notice something: The defense isn’t claiming Gosnell DIDN’T kill the babies. They’re just saying he killed them on the way out of the uterus, rather than when they were all the way out. This might be the first time in American history that a defendant has used the “You didn’t see me kill him, because by the time you got there I had already murdered him” defense. This is why this case is so damaging to the pro-abortion extremists. The fact is, as horrifying as Gosnell’s actions were, if he had simply killed the babies 2 minutes earlier than he did, it would have been legal. He would be celebrated by the feminists and invited to fundraisers with the president. He’s killing the same babies, doing the same thing, ending the same lives, committing the same acts, but the legality shifts dramatically from one second to the other, and it all rests on the physical location of the baby.

To review: Kill the baby now and you’re a legitimate doctor and a champion of women’s rights.

[45 seconds later]

Ok, kill him now and you’re a serial killing scumbag worthy of the death penalty.

How in the HELL can that be even remotely justified? The act is morally the same, physically the same, biologically the same, philosophically the same, scientifically the same, and medically THE SAME. There’s zero difference. Zero. None.

Here’s how it works. A woman is given a drug to induce labor and kill the baby. Here’s the legal breakdown of the entire labor process:

Minute one: You can terminate the fetus.
Minute five: You can terminate the fetus.
Minute ten: You can terminate the fetus.
[Baby emerges from birth canal]
Minute eleven: YOU CAN’T KILL THAT BABY!

It’s a sick, horrible joke. But this is what happens when the country is overrun by maniacally self obsessed idiots with no moral compass.