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It’s time to pay attention. Review this carefully. I’m not a detective, but I can read.

More information is known today about the Saudi national who was detained, and scheduled to be deported, after the Boston bombings. Yes, Glenn Beck has done some of the legwork on this story. No, I don’t listen to Glenn Beck. He’s a very talented broadcaster, there’s no denying that, so, as a member of that profession, I respect his abilities. But I’m not in his fan club. That said, he’s done some actual journalism here. Journalists don’t do journalism anymore. They rewrite press releases and parrot the AP. That’s all they do. They don’t investigate anything. So that responsibility now rests with us “whackos” in talk radio and the blogosphere. Dismiss us if you like.

Here’s the information from Beck:

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, a Saudi national, was questioned by authorities after the Boston bombing. He had already been flagged as a national security risk, and a potential terrorist, prior to the attack. An additional file was created, linking him to the marathon massacre. That file was altered after the Alharbi story went viral. Alharbi’s student visa only allows him to go to school in Ohio, yet he had an apartment in Boston. The feds plan (or planned) on deporting him this week. DHS and ICE have denied all of this. Yet all of this information has been backed up by a few congressmen and other intelligence sources.

But, yeah, I know, Wolf Blitzer didn’t report this, so why should we believe it?

Ok. Now I’m going to fill in some blanks with public information that’s accessible to everyone:

The US imports about 12 percent of its oil from the Persian Gulf. More importantly, the Saudi’s have a very heavy “influence” over OPEC, the international oil cartel. Even more importantly, President Nixon made a deal with Saudi Arabia’s King in 1973 to only accept payment for their oil in U.S. dollars and to invest their profits into our Treasury. For our end of the bargain, we’d bodyguard their oil fields from countries like Russia, Iran and Iraq. Not long after, all of the illustrious members of OPEC decided to only accept American dollars for oil. This gave rise to what we call the “petrodollar system”. Anytime anyone sells oil, they do so with our currency. Sweet deal if you can get it.

So what does all this mean? It means that Saudi Arabia could seriously screw up our day if they decided to start accepting, say, Euros, or gold, or Pokemon cards for oil. And what does that mean? It means Obama went to Saudi Arabia not long after becoming president and bowed before their king. It means a bunch of Saudis attacked us on 9-11 and we responded by protecting the Saudis and invading Iraq.

But this twisted tale isn’t complete. It was known before the Boston attack that Islamic militants were active in Chechnya. Guess which country has been funding and aiding those terrorist cells? That’s right, Iran. Just kidding, it’s Saudi Arabia. And now Chechen terrorists have been popping up in Syria, fighting alongside Syrian militants to overthrow Assad. Guess who’s funding and arming them in that quest? That’s right, North Korea. Just kidding, it’s Saudia Arabia and the United States.

Let’s review: The US bows before Saudi Arabia because of the petrodollar system. Saudi Arabia funds terrorist cells in Chechnya. Chechen terrorists end up in Syria. The US and Saudi Arabia fund and arm terrorists in Syria. A Saudi national on the terrorist watch list ends up in Boston, as do two Islamic Chechens who were previously on the FBI’s radar. Chechens bomb the Boston marathon. Saudi ends up being questioned by authorities. Files on him are edited. One of the Chechens ends up dead. 9,000 law enforcement officials militarize the city to track down the other one. Saudi is likely being deported.

Confused yet? You shouldn’t be. The picture is looking pretty clear.