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Senator Rand Paul has been filibustering on the floor today. I know that sounds like the latest dance craze, but thankfully it’s slightly more substantial than that. Also I say “thankfully” because I think our eyes would bleed if we were forced to witness a bunch of white politicians attempt to move with the rhythm. In any case, Paul, along with a few other representatives from the liberty movement, is speaking for an indefinite length of time in order to block the confirmation of the new CIA director. He said he will stop talking once our Nobel Peacerific president states unequivocally that he will not assassinate American citizens without due process. I hope he packed a lunch. You’re asking an egomaniac to admit he’s not allowed to do something. That’s quite a tall order. It’s like trying to debate a 4 year old into giving you some of his Skittles.

Hey, remember when liberals and Democrats pretended to care about civil liberties and due process? I’m suddenly overcome by nostalgia. Skippin’ rocks at the creek, eating grandma’s homemade cookies, listening to progressives feign concern for the Bill of Rights. Ah, the good ol’ days. Fast forward a few years and you find MSNBC running a poll which finds 70 percent of its viewers steadfastly in favor of giving the government the absolute authority to murder them anytime, for any reason.

What is happening right now on the floor of the Senate is very important. Politicians rarely filibuster anymore. Mainly because they don’t have that much to say. Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell could never do 6 hours on the importance of freedom, for the same reason I couldn’t speak for 6 hours about the importance of the Laws of the Conservation of Energy and of Mass in physics. Because I don’t understand it, as is the case with most politicians in regards to freedom. In fact, most of our “statesmen” have emptied themselves of their personal character and convictions to the extent that they don’t have more than 3 minutes to offer on any subject at all (unless they’re reading from a speech written by someone else). We rarely see filibusters because most of our politicians are built for 15 second cable news sound bites.

Keep at it, Rand. Finally someone is drawing a line and telling the government they can’t cross it. This is something we should all find inspiring.