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Here’s my latest post, and it contains a lot of ‘real talk,’ as the kids would say.

It’s time to stop tiptoeing about this. Feminism is intellectual and moral poison. It has no redeeming qualities. It has nothing to contribute. It does not and cannot achieve anything positive or worthwhile in our society.

We can argue about whether it ever had a purpose, but there’s no doubt that nowadays it’s only purpose is to divide and deceive. Women have all of the same legal rights that men do. We are exactly equal under the law. In fact, if anything, women have a few extra legal rights in their pocket. So feminists are left to go on dramatic crusades to slay phantom dragons, while all of the real problems have to be solved by people who are actually interested in solving them.

Feminism is not interested in solving anything.

That’s why I think that video of six-year-olds cussing up a storm and repeating feminist slogans is so important. It perfectly encapsulates what feminism has become: bitter, deceptive, exploitative, and self-defeating. It stands as a horrific illustration of feminism in all its glory.

It’s also an illustration of child abuse and exploitation, which is why, arguably, the parents responsible for it should be getting a visit from social services.

I’m done being nice about feminism. I guess I never have been nice about it, but I certainly won’t start today.

How many children have to be killed and abused under the feminist banner before we tear it down and burn it (metaphorically speaking)?

Feminism: nothing to offer and nothing to say, but it keeps talking anyway (rhyme not intended)…

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